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  1. atiz

    Rosin & resins in products

    I'm just following this, unfortunately don't know. The only rosin I know is the one for violin bows... :) I may be wrong, but it seems to me that resin is more processed. Rosin is just what comes out of the tree (and maybe they evaporate some stuff), while resin is more like a mix of things...
  2. atiz

    BTMS-80 replacing BTMS-50

    I've never seen BTMS-80! You may just have to experiment. I have used BTMS-25 and -50 both, and know that they aren't interchangeable -- or the end product is different.
  3. atiz

    DIY Foaming Hand Soap

    Syndet foaming soaps are super easy to make, you just have to mix a few ingredients (I use a few of Humblebee&me's recipes, they are free). Dense foam, and a lot of it. But it does contain a preservative, and if your base ingredients don't have any, I would add some. I don't have any lye-based...
  4. atiz

    Is this brine soap a bust?

    I love brine bars and agree with DeeAnna's advice. I use the split water method for dissolving the salt and lye; it's very fool-proof. Mix the lye with equal amount of water, and then in the remaining water (I have it usually lukewarm) mix as much salt as it dissolves (in my experience it's...
  5. atiz

    Room and Linen Spray woes!

    I make a spray that I quite like and it's super simple, just water, polysorbate, and some EO and preservative. 'Natural' can mean so many things that it is mostly meaningless... So I'm not sure you would consider this viable (but without some solubilizer you aren't going to get rid of the oily...
  6. atiz

    Bubble Bath!

    It would really depend on what you mean by 'natural'. It's not like you would come across some coco betaine when walking in the forest....
  7. atiz

    This is not soap - syndet bar

    I'm curious to hear how your experiment goes! Once I looked into milling, and for some reason concluded that it's not really doable / worth it; but I don't remember the details. I have to admit, I still really like these bars and have been using them since January. A single bar lasts me for...
  8. atiz

    Bath Bomb Help - Crumbly/Powdery

    I don't think that Poly80 is too much with that much oil, but I'm not a real expert in BB's. For me, epsom salts can help a lot, and so does a little bit of cream of tartar.
  9. atiz


    I have also used rosehip oil in a face cream -- it was lovely. But it's too expensive to soap with it. But I really like this soap @Zing. Did you just add the powder at trace? Have you ever tried making an oil infusion from it? Do you think it would work?
  10. atiz


    I'm really glad to hear that, and hope so much that it's true. I work in higher ed and things are not great here right now, but that has to do with the start of the semester and bringing 40k students back to campus, which everyone knew was a terrible idea to begin with. Anyway, hopefully things...
  11. atiz


    You can definitely put some syndet surfactants in bathbombs. You can also put shredded soap into it (that's what the link I gave above has). Perhaps you could experiment with putting a bit of liquid soap paste into it, although I haven't done that and have some doubts. But putting lye in it on...
  12. atiz


    No, but why would you? Do you mean putting soap in a bath bomb, or do you mean putting lye in it? I make a slightly modified version of this for toilet cleaning, which has some shredded soap and hence lye. But straight lye...?
  13. atiz

    Spicy Apples and Peaches FO source?

    I've had a hard time finding spicy apple FO too. I got one from Nurture Soap but the usage rate was very low (like under 1%). I think it's because of the cinnamon, which is a known irritant. I'm curious what you find! I have not looked recently.
  14. atiz

    Felted Salt Bars - Can you do that?

    Thank you! Will have to try. I was looking for something to use some leftover pure wool yarn anyway, so maybe I can just knit a little soap pouch and put the soap in it. I guess it's not proper felting technique, but it's feltable yarn so it will felt.
  15. atiz

    Felted Salt Bars - Can you do that?

    I should read up on this topic because I know there's a lot on it on the forum... but can someone (@Ladka ?) explain it to me how the soap not goes bad when felted? I mean, we always say and tell everyone that soaps should dry out between uses, etc. But it seems like if I warp it in a thick wet...
  16. atiz

    Single EO scent (fading) test

    This is so helpful, thank you! Bergamot is probably my favorite scent, but have never tried it in a soap on its own. But all this is very encouraging, so I will!
  17. atiz

    How do you do labels?

    I don't sell but do print labels when I gift soaps. I have been using the Avery labels & templates with a Brother printer, and they have been working well for me. I have also used a label maker before (one of those you put a label tape in). It doesn't print anything fancy, but it was very easy...
  18. atiz

    Can this soap be saved?

    Your lye concentration does not matter as much, provided you use the appropriate amount of lye. Lye concentration means that you can dissolve that appropriate amount of lye in either more or less water. Most soapers use anywhere between 28%--40% lye concentration (33% is perhaps the most common...
  19. atiz

    How Much Exfoliants in Soap?

    I really like dried orange peel (the spice kind that you can get, but you can also home-make it I guess). I like poppy seed as well, although it's a bit too black for me (rinsing the sink). Pumice -- pay attention to the size. Mine is ultra-fine (or however it's called; it was the smallest), and...
  20. atiz

    Leaky Oil in Soap

    That may be true, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's helpful/constructive to point it out. I was never on the Dish, but as far as I know it was an older soaping forum that tended to be pretty inimical to newcomers / unexperienced people. Again, not my personal experience since I have none.