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  1. artemis

    Happy SoapDay To Me 🧼🍰

    Once upon a time, about five years ago, my son decided to be George Washington Carver for a Third Grade project. Of all the things GWC made from peanuts, my son chose to make soap. We found way too many complicated recipes (I wasn't looking for another craft/hobby) and finally stumbled onto...
  2. artemis

    Green Tea Extract

    Most of us think that you can't guarantee anything "beneficial" will survive the lye monster (EOs, extracts, infusions). Even if it did, the soap is only on your skin for a few seconds before getting rinsed off. The reason to use it would be 1) it's fun to experiment with ingredients and 2) it...
  3. artemis

    Mad Micas soap rainbows 🌈 (colour reference)

    I asked her about the purple! Since they were spheres, they got a pass. 😄 ♥️
  4. artemis

    Mad Micas soap rainbows 🌈 (colour reference)

    The cherries at the red spot of the rainbow. The rainbow is made of all those neat columns of spheres and then there are the cherries doing their own thing. 😊
  5. artemis

    Mad Micas soap rainbows 🌈 (colour reference)

    I showed your rainbow to my Aspie daughter. She said, "Oh, wow! That is awesome! The red one drives me crazy, though." 😊
  6. artemis

    Is my soap safe to use?

    First, that's a lot of soap for a first batch. Best to start small, so you don't have a ton of soap that you don't (maybe) end up liking. Second, that top looks like "alien brains." Search the forum for that phrase for more info. Lastly, we'll need your recipe and method to really help you...
  7. artemis

    Random Picture thread (non-soap)

    Doctor Strange photo-bombed my picture of the 1920s starlet.
  8. artemis

    Might get into this.

    I made a batch this weekend and used oatmilk as 100%. I just scraped the "glug" into my oils without straining. It very easily blended right into the oils. I even had time for a simple swirl.
  9. artemis

    Trying to mix color with AC

    I haven't done this, but when mixing paint colors, I find it's better to start with the other color and then add black to it, until you get a shade/tint you like. Otherwise, I have to add way too much of the color to compete with the black.
  10. artemis

    Grey blotches on charcoal soap

    Yes, please-- a picture would be helpful
  11. artemis

    Coloring Soap Dough?

    Pretty much. It took a bit of working. I was only doing small portions at a time, so it didn't take long. I imagine if you were doing a big batch it might be a pain.
  12. artemis

    Coloring Soap Dough?

    Yes, I have. Wear gloves-- it gets messy.
  13. artemis

    Possible reaction to lye? Anyone else have this irritating issue?

    It looks like even that post is 6 years old. How weird to have a random old thread bubble to the top.
  14. artemis

    Household items for molds which have no smell?

    I use margarine tubs and there is no smell, but I'm not sure I'm following what you're hoping for, since I don't even know what a VOC meter is.
  15. artemis

    Rules for giving soap away

    From what I have observed about non-soaping friends: They don't even know what kind of things might be in soap to begin with. Silk in soap? Coconut oil? Spirulina? What? I label all the soaps I give away, so they have a chance to see everything that's in the soap. One friend has a bad allergy...
  16. artemis

    1.1oz of lye left. Would you??

    Nope. Probably depends on where you are, though. I get my Roebic lye at Lowe's.
  17. artemis

    1.1oz of lye left. Would you??

    I think you mean half a pound of soap? I make 1 lb batches almost exclusively. I get 4 good bars out of my batches. But, I'm pretty sure a pound is approximately 450 grams, so yeah they would end up with 2 or 3 bars. But, I also would probably run out to Lowe's and get a bottle to hold me...
  18. artemis

    Freshest Soap in the World

    I don't know-- I think it's quite clever, really, and I think you're right about the reason. There's a whole generation of people brought up on body wash and pumps by the sink. That's just about all that's been marketed on TV etc, and it's been marketed as better than soap. Unless they've been...
  19. artemis

    First Frost

    Looks like delft tiles!
  20. artemis

    Bad Butter

    Looks like it: Islanddreamssoap.shop