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  1. Kari Howie

    Best place to buy lye?

    I have ED lye with an expiration date of Dec 2021 I bought last year and I'm getting soft soap with it. Last time I buy from them.
  2. Kari Howie

    Sad day, i guess i need to make a decision

    I also think when you’re nauseated wet food is easier on your stomach than dry. Same reason I like mac & cheese when I feel sick instead of dry toast.
  3. Kari Howie

    Sad day, i guess i need to make a decision

    Oh, Kim. I am so sorry for you and Abby! Poor baby. I’m praying she swiftly and completely recovers.
  4. Kari Howie

    ROE revisited

    I've read as many of the ROE posts here as I could find before prevailing upon your forbearance and I know this is going to sound like a grade school math story problem, but my calculating skills have not progressed much beyond 5th grade. So I need some help. I have a 35-pound bucket of...
  5. Kari Howie


    I just posted on Facebook a coronavirus paper I wrote for our church that y'all may find useful. It's on my FB page Kari Roberson-Howie.
  6. Kari Howie

    Post your Gripe

  7. Kari Howie

    Naming your soaps

    I do both. Then sometimes I work the fragrance name in with a made up name. Unfortunately I can’t think of any examples right now at 0:dark thirty in the morning.
  8. Kari Howie

    "pH adjusted beauty water"

    You could say the same about your soap. Aren’t we all careful to formulate a soap that is safe for skin and hence “pH adjusted”?
  9. Kari Howie

    The 4-letter game

    Good one there!
  10. Kari Howie

    Post your Gripe

    Kind of like when my dog barks when a TV dog barks.
  11. Kari Howie

    Post your Gripe

    My daughter’s roommate from college works at Google. She puts a piece of opaque tape over the camera on her laptop. And I know Siri is always listening to me when she thinks I’m talking to her when I say to my husband “Hey, Jerry!” Therefore I’m leery of another portal of electronic entry, like...
  12. Kari Howie

    Post your Gripe

    Just like Siri. She rarely gets anything right.
  13. Kari Howie

    The 4-letter game

    Felicia Eschewed Wanda’s Soporific ZZZZ
  14. Kari Howie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Tralala! Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh! I’m embarrassed to admit that the above catastrophe, characterized by concrete stuck in a pot in one pic and soap on a stick that was hand-mashed into a mold, represents my mathematically dyslexic attempt at a ghost swirl. Of course neither is even fit for...
  15. Kari Howie

    The word association game

  16. Kari Howie

    The word association game

  17. Kari Howie

    Pre-make 1 of 2 layers?

    Hmmm. Not sure the layers in option two could be depended upon to stick together. However, now to think of it, I made a slab of soap that I let sit overnight and made large holes in it the next day with an apple corer and small holes with a metal straw. I filled the holes with fresh batter and...
  18. Kari Howie

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I still think it's beautiful.
  19. Kari Howie

    Mica mixing problem?

    I forgot to mention, I use a little hand-held milk frothier to disperse my TD in a small container then scoop it out into my pitcher of batter and SB it in.
  20. Kari Howie

    National Shrink Wrap System Question

    I have the same system, which I love. However, I believe the bars still need to be fully cured before wrapping.