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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    If You're A Praying Person... Please lift me & my family up in prayer. Going through "the fire" right now. :( TY!
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    TY Lisa! Yes, you're right. It should be #1. I am suppose to be getting the rest of my Pell Grant (paid for college classes and books) around the end of September in the mail. and my husband just picked up a 2nd job. So, I am hopeful that it will happen before October comes around. :)
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    Thanks, Kitn! I can't wait either! ;) :lol:
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    Thanks, Jude! You are definitely right! Sometimes we must put ourselves 1st...to take proper care of our families. :)
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    Hi Tanya! Thanks! I appreciate the well wishes! :D
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    Hi Chrissy! It's good to be back! :wink: Thank you! :D
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    Just thought I'd drop in and share what I've been up to...down here! LOL I spent almost 2 weeks (August 2nd - 13th) out of town. 1 week with 2 of my best friends in Fort Worth, TX. And then a week with my dearly missed husband & 3 kids...@ my sister-in-law's in Huffman, TX. During the...
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    Carolyn...No Worries! :D It's quite alright.I get things wrong often. :lol: It happens! And I didn't think you were being ugly. Just misunderstood.No harm in that! 8) (((HUGS)))
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    Not a problem at all! :D Like with anything else...it's hard to find what is 100% accurate with information on anything these days. This is simply what I have read in the reference books and online research I have done over the years. I fully understand it is a butter in it's original form...
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    My facial lotion attempts

    Hi Milla! I don't add anything to my lotion or moisturizer formulas. No stearic acid, no glycerin or BTMS-50. And all my female customers love the consistency, feel and look to it. It saves me money and hassel as well. :D
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    i made lotion!!!

    Yes. You definitely need a broad spectrum (paraben free) preservative for any o/w lotion base you make. It will only last about a week in the fridge. I use Germall Plus Powder. It works very well with lotion and cream formulas. If you are wanting to make a "stiffer" cream instead of a thin...
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    Acyually, Jojoba oil/butter is a very good choice for facial moisturizers. It is the only one that mimicks the sebum of your own skin. It is also well known for deeper penetration of the skin than most other oils. Don't mean ti split hairs. Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth. :D
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    Lotion separated...HELP!

    A few things could have happened. Not blending long enough with a hand mixer...takes constant mixing for long periods of time. Too much water vs. Oil or too much water vs. Ewax. Did you add any EOs to it? if you added a large amount...if it was too much for the formula to "hold" that can make...
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    Great bottle filling idea!

    I also use a ziplock baggy. I use the small, wedding favor type baggies (from the craft sections at Wal-Mart) when filling small individual bottles. Works great...although it can get a little tricky filling the baggies. Using a large ziploc baggy and filling a number of smaller bottles at once...
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    My facial lotion attempts

    i make mine with 100% jojoba oil, emulsifying wax and water. no stearic acid or glycerin. It's been a big w/the women in my family as well as my customers. My mother was a 20 year Mary Kay consultant. And switched to my facial moisturizer. As did my aunt & grandmother. Jojoba oil is 100%...
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    Need help finding soap dish supplier

    I know Paul AKA Soapmaker Man makes soap dishes from high quality pine I believe. But they are only in a rectangular shape I believe. but I have bought about 5 from him. And they work beautifully!
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    What kind of soaper are you??

    I LOVE to experiment! :D I LOVE playing around with my soapmaking software! That thing is priceless to me! I do have a handful of bade formulas that I rely on and are very popular with customers. BUT...I still LOVE to tinker every few months! :D
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    Does anyone else do this?

    Great idea! I've been using cardstock...to make my own FO/EO scent samples. But it's time consuming and tedious. And gives me migraines. LOL Can't believe I hadn't already thought of that! :P
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    Crock Pot Coating Coming Off

    It definitely sounds like the caustic substances (sodium hydroxide) in the soap mixture....is causing the flaking and degrading of the coating. And using any type of metal spoon to stir would probably aggrevate that process even more. For this reason, I use a very large, stainless steel stock...
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    Goats Milk Lotion & Creams Question

    I would suggest Germall Plus, as Paul uses. I've never gone wrong with it, even using goatsmilk lotion. .75% to 1% is a good amount to use. I may be wrong...but I think Phenonip (the 1st one I used to make lotion) is not paraben free. I believe that Germall Plus is.