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    I need a cute idea for a baby shower gift

    My friend is having a baby and we're planning a shower for her in a couple of weeks. What are some cute baby shower gift ideas? I'm not especially crafty, so things that are simple to make or that I can just buy would be best.
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    A newbie question. . . .

    I'm new to the board as well as new to the whole soap making concept. I've been lurking the board for a while now and finally decided to break down and join. I do have a question though: I keep seeing abbreviations like FO and EO and stuff. Can someone fill me in on what all these things mean?
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    Soap making book recommendations

    I've never made soap before and in all honesty, I'm really not the crafty type. It just sounds like something I'd like to try. What's a good soap making book for a beginner? Or. . .where are some good places I can go for some resources?