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    Rice Bran Wax Candle?

    Hey everyone - has anyone tried Rice Bran Wax for candles? I’m interested in giving it a shot. If you have, what recipe/formula did you use? I’m new to candlemaking, and I have some leftover Rice Bran Wax, so any advice would be great. Thanks so much!
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    Anyone use Vegemulse / Cetearyl Glucoside for Lotions?

    I am interested in trying out Cetearyl Glucoside - also known as Vegemulse - as my primary emulsifier for lotions and face creams. Has anyone ever used this before? Any feedback and/or tips? Let me know your experiences, please! (usage rate, solubility, stability, etc.!) Thank you!
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    Lotion Bar with Kokum Butter?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to make a lotion/massage bar with kokum butter as the main ingredient. I'm hoping to avoid cocoa butter as it is comedogenic. I also do not want to use beeswax, as I'm trying to get as make it as similar to the Organic Therapy Bar by LUSH as possible! Would a ratio of...
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    Clay Cleanser - Emulsifier Needed?

    Hi! I just have a quick question. I'm hoping to make a cleansing grains of sorts using mainly bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and baking soda. I want to make it including a carrier oil, so it has a creamy, moist consistency. Would this need an emulsifier? I'm just worried that the dry...
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    Basic Facial Cream / Moisturizer Recipe (First post!)

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I'm scouring the Internet for a very basic lotion/cream recipe but I am coming up short. I am hoping to make it with aloe and shea butter. (Very advanced, I know XD) All I need to know is how many cups of carrier oils, aloe, shea butter, and emulsifying wax I would...