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    Where do you buy your oils?

    I've just been buying them at Wild Oats but I'm wondering if I can get a better deal online somewhere.
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    Adding glitter to candles

    I want to make some glittery candles. Is there a special type of glitter i need to use? Is there a certain process I need to follow? Will the glitter just sink to the bottom of the mold?
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    Best candle fragrance brands

    What are some good brands of candle fragrances? What are your favorite scents? I'm new to this so rather than just buy up everything that I think sounds good I'd like to get some actual recommendations.
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    I don't like the candles I just made. I scent isn't as strong as I was hoping for and the color isn't right either. Can i remelt them and add more dye and fragrance? Or do I have to just start over?