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    Black Friday Peaks

    I just received this email: Take $20 off your purchase of $100 or more (BEFORE SHIPPING) Take $20 off your purchase of $100 or more (before shipping). Not valid on prior orders. May not be combined with other offers. Valid for online orders only. For in stock items only, while supplies...
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    Nag Champa From WSP

    Has anyone recently purchased Nag Champa from WSP? Back in August I got a bad bottle that had very little scent, and it only discolored to tan. I just had a special request for Nag Champa, this person loves the normal strong Nag Champa. I still haven't thrown out the bad bottle, but WSP was not...
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    Tennessee Candle Fragrance Sale

    From their Website: Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me A Good Fragrance Sale Halloween16oz Bottle Fragrance Sale Now until Sunday Midnight EST Buy 6 pound or more and get $6.00 off per pound. Code halloween6 Buy 5 pound and get $5.00 off per pound. Code halloween5 Buy 4 pound and get...
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    Fragrance Oil Sale Tennessee Candle

    Last week I posted that Tennessee Candle had amazing dupe of Bert's Redwood Cedar, they are having a sale, looks like $5.00 of 1 lb bottles. I am on the other side of the country so the free shipping that is in place all of the time, after a $45 purchase is almost as good, but for those closer...
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    Bert's Redwood Cedar Dupe

    Just a head's up for anyone who misses Bert;s Redwood Cedar. Tennessee Candle has an amazing dupe that has very good scent retention. It smells so good, exactly the same scent, if anything a little stronger. It is on sale now for $14.99. They are planning to dupe a couple more as well. I believe...
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    Stinky Lard

    I use lard on a regular basis, and what I purchase is deodorized, and I don't smell anything. I just received some free, very expensive bottled lard, and it has a very strong odor. I plan on using it in a recipe at 30%. The odor is pig, and not rancid. My question is there anything I could do...
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    Swirl Tool

    I purchased these two comb/pics at the 99 cent only store two for .99. I just tried them yesterday, and used the pic portion for a spoon swirl. I was using a log mold and only went through the loaf one time. I want to try the pic part across the top to see what type of Taiwan swirl effect I can...
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    Karma Dupe

    I had promised that I would post my results from testing Karma from Fragrance Buddy. Out of the bottle it was a smell that was difficult for me smell the complete scent. Once it hit the oils it was nice and strong. I soaped at 1% per pound. This FO behaved perfectly, and I had time to do a few...
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    20% off & Free Shipping Fragrance Buddy

    Fragrance Buddy is running a Labor Day Sale, Promo code: LABORDAY I've been wanting to try a few of their moonworks & Lush Dupes so put in a small order. I haven't ordered from them before. The free shipping is with orders over $75 before discount.
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    OMG TKB Trading Updated Colors

    Just a heads up for those that love TKB Trading, they have updated their website and have a bunch of new colors. Many of the colors show an example in Cold Process soap. There is a new line called True, Shimmer Pop and Soapberry. I don't know if the Pops are anything like the missing pop...
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    Glycerine Rivers

    I just read an interesting article regarding glycerine rivers, here is the link: http://auntieclaras.com/2014/05/glycerine-rivers-secret-revealed/ Wonder if it is that simple? I don't use TD very often and can't say that I have ever experienced glycerine rivers, but know there are many here...
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    The Conservatorie No Longer Lists Soap Stable Information ...

    I'm not sure that this is the right place for this information, but wanted to let everyone know that The Conservatorie has removed any reference to CP stable on their site. This is going to make ordering difficult, since this is a big issue when you need to order minimum 100g. If anyone has...
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    Candle Science .99 cent Sale Until March 7

    I just received an email that they are doing the .99 cent sale, good until March 7th. I plan on making some wax melts for my own use, but I am wondering how difficult it will be to split a three pound batch of soap, and try three different FO. Guess it will depend on how well behaved the FO is...
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    FYI WSP Fragrance Oil Price Changes

    WSP has adjusted some of their FO prices! Granted some are still high, but many of the ones that were about $20 are now $14.95 and the $30.00 price point has gone down to approx $24.95. They are making some price structure changes, and I hope they rethink what they have done to the castor oil...
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    Sunflower WSP

    I am working on floral scents, and I want to try the Sunflower from WSP. Of course I am worried about how fast it will move. I plan to soap full water, room temp, single color, and will most likely mix the FO with my castor oil. Does anyone soap with this FO? The reviews on the WSP site have me...
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    Regrets Do You Have Any?

    What are some of the fragrance oils that you would never purchase again? The ones that morphed, seized, totally disappeared, or weren't true to their name. For me Mango Papaya from WSP was delicious in melt & pour, but morphed in Cold Process. Moroccan Mint from WSP doesn't have any mint that I...
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    This Bothers Me

    I should mind my own business, but the You Tube Video Below really made me crazy! This woman has a Hugh following, over 3,000 Facebook fans, and over 500 You Tube videos. This particular You Tube video had pages and pages of replies, mostly people wanting to make soap from her tutorial. At least...
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    Need Help!

    I really need to get a new pair of reading glasses, somehow my scale unit measure was hit and I thought I was measuring in ounces and it was grams. I was measuring out the lye, and it seemed like too much. I measured out 788 grams instead of 7.887 ounces. The water amount was a 20.15 and that...
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    Natures Garden What to Order?

    I plan on making a fragrance oil order for Nature's Garden, and would really appreciate feedback on the fragrance oils that I am considering, good or bad, and anything that you love that I haven't included. I am trying to keep my order to about 7 or 8. Green Irish Tweed Lavender...
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    Which Nag Champa

    Can anyone give me their experience with Nag Champa from Nature's Garden. I want to start ordering larger FO bottles, so was planning a Nature's Garden purchase. In the past I ordered Nag Champa from WSP and was wondering if anyone has tried both?