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    Those pesky bath bombs

    First of all. I think I've read almost every thread and reply regarding bath bombs that don't behave. Do keep that in mind before replying My challenge is that my bombs don't harden properly. Even after as long as 5 days they crumble quite easily. And I feel/think it may come down to moist...
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    Additives in soap -things that make med wonder

    Hi all. I've been member for a while,made some batches of soap but still consider myself as a rookie. What puzzles me is the kind of stuff people actually are willing to put in their soaps. Well,first of all - this post is kind of a sigh of frustration regarding a FB soap group Is it just me...
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    Tung oil or China wood oil

    Does any one know if it's possible to use Tung oil or China wood oil for soap making? I normally use this for making natural wood wax/wood polish then started thinking and wondering a bit.... o_O
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    What the heck am I doing wrong?

    Hello fellow soapers. Now I really need your knowledge, help and good ideas. 2 days ago (29.01.2019) I made a second attempt of liquid soap, and again had some challenges. A bit history first.. The first batch I made did not work out very well, and I found two possible mistakes I made. (or so I...
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    Amount of glycerin given in % for liquid soap

    Perhaps this question has been asked before,but in percentage ...How much glycerin compared to oils (or KOH) are advised to use ? I've read a dozen of GLS recipes on the web,but the amount of glycerin is varies a lot. (KOH+glycerin , the 50/50 metod , glycerin in oils etc). Hopefully someone can...
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    Soap dries out my hands - confusing.

    I can't really understand why this soap dries out my hands. Some suggestions to what I did "wrong" ? Total oil weight=800 grams 15% Coconut Oil ,92 deg 10% Shea Butter 70% Olive Oil (15% of this total is olive infused wheat grass) 5% Castor Oil Superfat 6% Additions (given as percentage...
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    Norway says Hello!

    Hi everybody. As the title says,I live in beautiful Norway :) Making CP soap is one of my last started hobbies.So far I've made 3 batches from scratch-and I think they came out pretty ok :) Still have a lot to learn and many questions to you who are more experienced. :bath1: