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  1. K

    I want to buy your soap.

    Hello everyone. I found this site a while ago when I was learning how to make soap. I made a few small batches and had fun but I figured out that I'm just not that crafty. I am in the process of starting a handmade soap business and am looking for vendors. If you are interested you can p.m...
  2. K

    Aww I killed it :(

    I did this last time Olive oil – 340g Coconut oil – 113g Whole Milk – 172g Lye – 63g Flax oil – 12g added at trace It's been four weeks and I just tried it and it smells bad. Very stinging, like it smelled when I put the lye in the milk. Does that still happen with goats milk...
  3. K

    Extending the shower life... and a honey question

    Ok I have now made two batches of soap, the second is curing, about 3 weeks so far. I hope it hurries because Im on my last bar of the first batch. Olive oil – 340g Coconut oil – 113g Whole Milk – 172g Lye – 63g Flax oil – 12g added at trace The first batch I used water instead of...
  4. K

    My first batch

    Special thanks to IanT for answering lots of my questions. I did a 1lb batch of 75% Olive and 25 % Coconut. At trace I added about 9g of flax oil. I don't know if that is even a significant amount but I was taking it out of some old capsules and it was taking a long time :) It came to...
  5. K

    Titanium mixing pot

    As soon as I can, I'm going to try my first batch. Im thinking a one pound batch. Everything I have read has said to mix it up in stainless steel or enamel pots. I have an enamel pot but it's so big one pound of stuff is to low my stick blender won't reach it. My stainless steel cooking pots...
  6. K

    What is the smallest batch that can be made well?

    I am eagerly awaiting my birthday monday when I will get my soap making supplies. I want to get a lot of practice in while using as little stuff as possible. Ive seen lots of recipes in 1 pound batches but what about 8 oz or smaller. The idea is to make samples now for testing and practice...
  7. K

    Getting started, need supplies

    Hello everyone. I am so excited about making soap. I have been wanting to do it for years and I am finally going to try it out. My birthday is next week and I am getting a scale and some lye and a thermometer. I have lots of questions but first I need to know where the best place to buy oils...