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    Miss you all

    Hi! It has been awhile and I havent forgotten you all. Let me hear from you. The People on this forum have really been helpful in my soapmaking endeavors. I want to say thank you and let you know that I will be going over some of the older postings to refresh my memory and learn something new! :D
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    Wild scents

    Hey, I just read on here about dirt scent. Wow. The wildest things I have going is my beer scent and my tobacco scent. What else is out there? What do you all have that is unique? :D
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    Goat's Milk!!!

    Oh my goodness! I have found me some goat's milk... yogurt y'all!!! I have never seen any before. Guess what I'm gonna do? :lol:
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    Organic Melt and Pour

    I was looking at the Glory Bee website and I see that they have organic melt and pour bases! It has sorbitol and glycerine and saponified vegetable oils. They also say that some of the ingredients may not be 100 percent organic and they didn't want to abuse their terminology. I thought this was...
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    oily skin

    Hello. I need some advice. I always see yummy ideas when everyone else talks here and now I have no idea what to do. See, I have a dear friend that is 12 years old and she has oily skin. I thought about a yogurt and coconut creme tomato soap. I thought to do the same with grapefruit juice...
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    O.k. Now I am in love with my yogurt! I can't live without it. I wonder if anyone out there has used any sour cream? I have so many more ideas but I don't want to go crazy all at once! Let me know. :)
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    Corn silk

    I am drying out some corn silk. Does any one have any info? What is the best way to dry it out, grind it, add to soap. Thank you!
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    Food grade lye?

    I just found some food grade sodium hydroxide. Has any of you used this? I been using Rooto brand from my little hardware store down the street. They are selling 2 lbs for 10.99. Should I try this? Is this a good deal? They also say they are offering 7 lbs of pomice for 19.99 plus shipping on...
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    I can't believe it!

    O.k. now. I can't believe it. Here's what I did. For the liquid portion was 8oz aloe vera juice/8oz yogurt. 4 oz of lye. This turned yellow when mixed. Oil portion was 16oz of: crisco, shea butter, cocoa butter, 1 1/2 oz fragrance oil, liquid lecithin, a small bit of agave nectar. This was...
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    light pomice

    Hi there! Today I found some light pomace for $16.79 a gallon at Gordon Food Service. Is light pomice the best olive oil to soap with? I am really trying to find some less expensive oils and nutrients to work with.
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    Does anyone out there use dried or powdered milks? I have. I think it saves money. These days it is so costly to even make soaps. Those that use powdered- is the end result as good as when the liquid is used? I like it.
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    I love your soaps!

    I just really enjoy this club. I'm new to it and to soaping. I can't get over how friendly everyone is here. I have seen some really goregous soaps on here. Do you ever trade soaps? I would love to try some!
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    I don't know why but I been thinking about making a butter soap. I just love to use milk and creme. Would the soap be a pretty yellow and have a creamy feel to it? Sounds yummy...
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    Corn oil

    Since olive oil is so costly I have been playing around with my recipe. Now don't laugh, I have substituted corn oil in it's place. It is supposed to give it a similar trace, which it did. I wonder how healing it will be to my cracked , dry skin. Gimme some feed back! Thank you!
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    Has anyone out there ever put dark or any kind of chocolate into their soaps? The antioxidents are supposed to be superb for the skin.
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    Melt and pour

    Oh oh! I think my 13 year old son has got the soapin bug! He made some killer not to mention beautiful melt and pours! I think this type of soap really gives artists the ability to be very creative as well as safe. I will have to try to upload some pics at a later date.
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    Whatcha got cookin?

    What are you working on? Yesterday I made Banana Tofu Smoothie soap with honey and dark chocolate. Had to use up some bananas rather than throw them in the trash. Lol.
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    How hard (or easy) is it to make soap in a crockpot? Does the soap turn out just yummy? Give me some info. Thank you!
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    The fridge

    Does anyone out there just love to go into the fridge and see what they can put into their soaps as a skin nourisher? Things like avocado, bananas and so forth? Let me hear your ideas. Thank you!
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    Could someone explain the use of salt in soap? What does it do? Thank you!