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    Been Silent For Sometime...

    Just thought I'd drop in and share what I've been up to...down here! LOL I spent almost 2 weeks (August 2nd - 13th) out of town. 1 week with 2 of my best friends in Fort Worth, TX. And then a week with my dearly missed husband & 3 kids...@ my sister-in-law's in Huffman, TX. During the...
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    Been Gone A While...

    Did anyone miss me? LOL ;) I'm joking of course! My weekend started off horribly. More issues with our crooked landlord. But it sure is making me want to do a session of theraputic soap, lotion or candle making! Ohh Candles I think! LOL I started volunteering my help for a praise team...
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    Ok. who all is on facebook? I have become obsessed! LOL I'd love to add anyone who's on there to my friend's list! My profile link is in my signature, below. :)
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    Awesome Mother's Day Gift!

    A friend of mine and my husband (Hino) was helping his step-father (Eli) clean out his storage unit. Eli apparently use to make candles as a hobby, but hasn't in a while and decided he didn't have time to anymore. Hino thought of me. They stopped for a moment. Grabbed it all and drove over here...
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    Coconut Oil & It's Usage In Soy Candlemaking

    I decided to expand my hobby of just soaps and lotions to candles, this past year. I read that Vybar is not suitable for soy candles. Then, I read just last night...that coconut oil can be used for soy candles...to help the scent throw and also speed up the curing process. So, that was great...
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    Frustrated & Embarrassed...

    So, I've vented to my husband. But he's soo incredibly laid back about everything...and doesn't really understand where I'm coming from with the online business...I decided to get on here and actually use the "General Discussion" forum for once! LOL So, I've done a little bit of selling on...
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    Opinions On My Business Name(s) & Current Logo Wanted!

    I have a new shop on etsy. It's empty but I'll begin to fill it with photos of products tomorrow, hopefully. I worked a good couple of days on a 3 dimensional logo. It's not perfect and I ultimately need to add some lotion bottles and body butter jas to the graphic. But for now, it's what I...
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    Jojoba Oil

    What's the best price you have found on jojoba oil online, unrefined?
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    Best Type of Emulsifier for Facial Lotions

    I have been using traditional E-Wax for lotions and facial moisturizers. I was curious if anyone knows of an emulsifier that is particularly good for face creams/lotions (those used for the face).
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    PH Levels - Liquid Soap

    I have been looking online for a good list or chart explaining PH levels in liquid soap bases. Example....this level is best for liquid facial soaps This level is best for liquid laundry soaps This level is best for liquid dishwashing soaps ect. Anyone have any good info or links...
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    Liquid Soap - From Scratch

    I couldn't find anything refering to this on the search engine (for the forum) so I thought I'd start a new post. I have read a few recipes for liquid soap (from scratch) online. But wanted to get seom info, advice from those on here who made made it, themselves. One that is not your typical...
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    Pizza Delivery, Hubby Doing Housework...Finally Getting Well

    What more could a woman ask for, right :?: :!: :lol: I've been in bed with a bad case of the flu since last week. Today's the 1st day I was actually well enough to get out of bed (besides the mandatory reasons LOL). Had a 105 temp at the peak of it all. Lots of fun! My husband works...
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    Awake & Bored-Showing Off My Mother's New Jewelry Hobby!

    She's not a member on here. And is still learning how to manuver around ont he web. But I noticed that another lady posted pics of her jewelry. I'm wide awake. LOL And have nothing better to do at the moment. And this is the 1st time I've shared them with anyone. So, I thought...what a better...
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    My 1st Pine Tar Shampoo Bar Batch!

    Hi Guys & Gals! I hadn't been active on here for a few months. I guess I'm making up for it, tonight...err...this morning. HA HA Here's a photo of my most recent CP Shampoo Bar batch. I used 20% Pine Tar in my formula. I read that in order for the soap to be most effective on Eczema...
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    Just an update

    I've been gone for a while. Lots going on. I have made 2 new batches of soaps and 3 new batches of lotions since I last was active on here! Thanks to all those who have answered my many questions and given me advice, recipes, etc. I played around, tweaked and now have an 2 awesome formulas which...
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    Rescued Kitten

    I wanted to share something on Photobucket with you! *My mother found him in a neighboring field...this past Sunday. He's about 4 weeks old. So, I'm back to late night & early am feedings again. LOL* http://s187.photobucket.com/albums/x130 ... aof3/Pets/ My guest password is: ErinMcDowell
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    My Most Recent Batch w/Paul's Mold

    I did a batch of shampoo bars made with a lot of different high-quality oils (palm, kukui, avacado, castor, jojoba...), all organic and unrefined with pure lemon, sweet orange, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. I try to buy as natural and raw as possible. I used the mold I bought from...
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    How's Your Valentine's Day Going?

    My kids got home from school today, with their little bags of cards and candy. I normally am the one who cares for them. But since my husband is laid off... :( he's been home helping me out. We detailed my father's work truck yesterday (9am-5pm) and I messed my back up again. Probably just...
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    Natural Lotion Making Ingredients

    I just wanted to share this: "NATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMICALS How do I determine what is really “NATURAL" AND "ORGANIC"? Read the labels! You need to know what you’re looking for. On any label, ingredients are listed in descending order of the quantity used in the product. One should...
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    Labeling Software: Looking For A Tried & True Program

    I have a small handful of family anf friends who are impressed with what I have made so far (soap, shampoo bar, cream, etc.) and have been urging me to get some labels made...and to start selling. I have been searching for a program and have even bought one. But it is very confusing, not user...