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  1. Chach

    Color/Pigment Question

    Thanks for your response. I swirled about .1 oz green powder (dissolved in a teaspoon of the oil from the recipe) into the soap mixture just before I poured into the mold. Recipe made a generous 12 bars in a loaf mold.
  2. Chach

    Color/Pigment Question

    OK, I have been soaping for about a year. I have the basics down. I get consistent results and have enjoyed experimenting with oils/ingredients (my new favorite is coconut milk!). I am at the point where I am experimenting with pigments and color. Fun! But...I notice some pigments color the...
  3. Chach

    Why don't you like olive oil?

    My very first batch of soap was all OO/Castile soap. It LOOKED and smelled fantastic (I used a combination of lavender and peppermint). The resulting bars lathered very little and were slimy. I now look for soap recipes that have a bunch of different oils to bring out other properties. I am not...
  4. Chach

    Tried and true recipe/Too soft soap

    Such great insights. Thank you. I hope I get to the point at which I can be of help to a neophyte as you all have done with me.
  5. Chach

    Tried and true recipe/Too soft soap

    Thank you for the responses and encouragement. So it sounds like I can expect this recipe to harden up during cure? In order to avoid this in future, do I need to get it to thicker trace? And, if it does still come out soft, wrap it as Kim recommends.
  6. Chach

    Tried and true recipe/Too soft soap

    Hello. I have searched a lot of answers that kind of address this issue, but none discuss what might have happened with a recipe that has worked well in the past. Basic 3-oil soap. 9.4 oz Crisco, 6 oz olive, 6 oz coconut. 7 oz h2O, 3 oz lye, 1 oz fragrance. I have made this recipe a bunch of...
  7. Chach

    How To Use Soap Calc Tutorial

    Just found this this morning after churning out a quick batch. I had been using BB soap calculator but was a little miffed that I could not get any feedback or input on what my recipe might yield (Im new and would LOVE a spot where i can show a recipe and have experienced folks or a calc weigh...
  8. Chach

    Castile Soap Q

    Thank you kindly, AliOop. I wonder if you have any suggestions for a close replacement for lard? Palm? Vegetable shortening? I have a family member who wont use lard soap, but your recipe sounds so reliable! Do you use lard because you dont like palm? Just curious. Learning....
  9. Chach

    Castile Soap Q

    I have always heard you need to have 30% olive oil in basic soap recipes. Is this not so? (Sorry....serious beginner here)
  10. Chach

    Color Question

    Rank beginner question regarding color of CP soaps. I have a package of liquid dyes that says it is used for soapmaking. It is from Amazon and the little vials look like food coloring you get in the market. I used one or two successfully when I made M&P. Then I moved on to CP. I sent away for a...
  11. Chach

    Castile Soap Q

    Hello. My vert first CP soap was an all-olive oil soap. I had NO idea what to expect either in process or in outcome. It was touted as a beginners recipe. In retrospect, and with the benefit of about 8 batches of varieous kinds of CP soap under my belt, I realize now that in this first...
  12. Chach

    Will this soap harden more...?

    Here's a photo, just for kicks. Individual molds.
  13. Chach

    Will this soap harden more...?

    Thank you. You may be right... Do you think it will harden more?
  14. Chach

    Will this soap harden more...?

    Hello. New here. Ive made 6-8 batches of CP using recipes I found online with varied success. I wanted to create my own recipe so as to incorporate some of the luxury ingredients I have accumulated. I used a lye calculator. I researched the max/min percentage of which oils/fats are optimum for...
  15. Chach

    Hello From California

    Hello. I started w M&P about 6 months ago and quickly moved into CP. I've followed a few recipes and had some moderate success and a few missteps. I've started to try to create my own formulations and am unsure of the result and why some things might have happened. That's how i found you! Very...
  16. Chach

    What made you pick your avatar/ username?!

    Hello. Brand new here. My username is a version of my daughter's nickname since my own name was already taken as a username here. My avatar is Anne of Cleves because I have a particular fascination with her history.