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  1. RoseF

    My first four soaps!

    Here are my first four CP soaps and all the "issues" that I have learned about from them! They range from 1 to 3 weeks old, and I can't wait to test them out in a few more weeks and see how they perform. Huge, huge thanks to the people who replied on my previous post about acceleration - turns...
  2. RoseF

    Hi all!

    Hey guys! My name is Rose, and I'm 27, retail manager living in Ireland. Over lockdown a soapmaking video was recommended to me on youtube, and since then I've found watching them an outstanding way to relax! More and more weeks went by, and I got more and more curious, but was hesitant because...
  3. RoseF

    Newbie looking for recipe advice

    Hi all, thanks for letting me be part of the community - I've been lurking these threads for about six weeks to read up on everything! I think I'm addicted to soap. :/ So I've made three batches of cold process. Made loads of mistakes on numbers one and two, but learned loads in the process and...