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  1. jean1C

    Soapmaking benefits

    This evening I was texting with a friend. I missed her baby shower due to a death in my family. I wanted to meet up with her, since I have a nice gift plus a bunch of diapers(I am a couponer). She suggested we meet at her mom's house for lunch....hmmm...I have never met her mom and appreciate...
  2. jean1C

    Black Pepper Eo

    For some reason I thought this was a good idea. I have it sitting on my side table..I keep smelling it..I keep asking my husband...What do I do with it...lemon pepper? clove eo?
  3. jean1C

    I think we can do this

    I see this on my Facebook thread constantly...I think we can do this....Anyone? I am thinking CP cupcakes, then...then MP for the arch and heel...
  4. jean1C

    holiday soap

    Fragrance is "sparkling snowflake" from WSP.
  5. jean1C

    MP and CP combined

    Hi all. I tried a batch today with a pound of M & P that I wanted to put into my CP soap. (not embeds). Just wondering if people have incorporated it into their final product and how it worked out. I'll post a pic tomorrow. I did this in a 3 # flat mold. I can trim it..but the top got...
  6. jean1C

    Overheard conversation

    This past week we were visiting my newly widowed FIL. We are trying to get him to come and stay with us for a few days or so. I just thought I'd share what took place. My husband is in the Living Room talking to him and said, "Just remember, do not eat anything that is sitting out until you...
  7. jean1C

    Anise EO

    Used Anise EO for the first time today. Used a recipe I had soaped with several times before. I added the Anise E.O. at 3 % and BAM....A semi-solid mess! AND it turned my blue mica....pink/burgandy...WTH? (cause when you think Anise..you think "pink"...NOT)I did a HP...so maybe that was the...
  8. jean1C

    Jolly Rancher

    Here is Jolly Rancher...used FO plus vanillia stabilizer...will repost in a month to see the color difference,
  9. jean1C

    Jolly Rancher and Vanilla Color Stabilizer

    Hi all! I am going to attempt to soap either Thursday or Friday. ( I have had disasters during July! HAHA...I am over it). I have had this idea in my head for a soap scented w/ Jolly Rancher. I have some embeds that I want to use and I want the base of the soap to be colored white. WSP's Jolly...
  10. jean1C

    whipped soap frosting - dry time?

    I made a banana soap cake and decided to try some whipped frosting instead of the usual CP. I used the recipe from Soap queen: 1 Cup foaming bath whip 1 cup melt and pour 1 Tablespoon liquid glycerin 3 tablespoons meringue powder It whipped up nice and fluffly and piped well. However it is...
  11. jean1C

    foot scrub disaster..ideas?

    In my long lengthy list of July soaping gremlins, I now have another disaster. I think I may just give this up temporarily and take some time to "regroup"...maybe a vacation is in order. My recent soap looks like crap and doesn't smell like it's suppose to and looks pitiful next to the other...
  12. jean1C

    Stick blender mayhem

    Here are my soaps from my disaster yesterday. They are goat milk. The first one was with Dragon Blood fragrance oil...The color was suppose to be red....I guess the orange works...kind of a "Halloween" thing. The second is with caramel chipotle (BB) and it seems to be a little crumbly...I'll let...
  13. jean1C

    A right of passing?

    I DID it! LOL! I broke my first stick blender! Why is it that this never happens at a "good" time? Yep, that's right...doing two loafs, each w/ three colors...have it all divided with the color in...and the bottom of the stick blender breaks off....just will not stay attached...of course, one...
  14. jean1C

    snickerdoodle tarts

    Since today is Sunday I decided to make a HUGE mess in my kitchen. I love candles and wax tarts. I recently saw a video on YOUTUBE about making cookie tarts....Well, I have some wax and some awesome FO (Snickerdoodle) so why not? I melted the wax, then let it cool,whipped it, then rolled in a...
  15. jean1C

    A presto salad shooter rebatch

    Managed to get a used Presto Salad shooter and decided to get a rebatch done. I didn't really separate into "color families" and ended up with the usual murky grey-brown color. Then thought...HEY! I have some M/P colors that I got as a sample, so I threw them in...Then, while in my soap room...
  16. jean1C

    kind of "ombre"..but not...help please

    Okay,,,so I have an idea. I want to make a soap that is darker at the bottom and gradually lightens up. I am thinking I can start with 2 layers, then mix a little, add a lighter layer, mix, and repeat....any thoughts?
  17. jean1C

    FO Storage that looks neat?

    HI all, In my past year or so of soaping I seemed to have acquired a lot of FO's. A lot are sample sizes that companies send free, but some are just large bottles that I have bought and haven't used up yet. My question is does anyone have any ingenious ways to store these so I can see what...
  18. jean1C

    DIY soy/paraffin blend

    I am a soapmaker, but I LOVE candles. And have made several for our home. (SOY) I was at the local farmer's market this past week and purchased a candle from a local candle maker. She said is was a combination of soy/paraffin. Her price point is good, and I will continue to buy from her. I...
  19. jean1C

    Side of Beef, Tallow?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to order a side of beef for the freezer. I am thinking I can ask the butcher for some fat, since he has to trim the stuff anyway. I have NO experience in tallow, but would like to try some soap with this. My question specifically, is how much should I request? I have...
  20. jean1C

    Thoughts/advice...asked to make wedding favors.

    Hi all, I have only been on this forum for the past month. I have been soaping for a year and lurking here longer. I do not sell my soap, just make some for personal use and give a lot to friends/family. The feedback has been really good. This evening while at dinner, my daughter's friend asked...