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  1. MrsMilk

    First Salt Soap on a Stick

    I made my first ever salt soap yesterday. Erm, yeah, well, I suppose they’ll make great homemade Christmas gifts even if they aren’t exactly pretty... As soon as I added my salt it stiffened so much I could barely spoon it into the moulds. The recipe I used was from the Brambleberry Milk Soap...
  2. MrsMilk

    Milk Candles

    Now that my second batch of soap is curing nicely in the curing room - AKA The spare room. I'm obviously so skilled I want to turn my hand to something else new... Milk Candles. There are a few dotted around and I have been in contact to a couple of the makers to ask about shelf life. 1 of...
  3. MrsMilk

    First Milk Soap - Pimples?

    A quick question if I may please. My first batch of soap is happily curing upstairs in the spare bedroom. It's a milk soap made out of cows milk - I'm making cows milk because my husband is a dairy farmer and we live on a dairy farm so really interested in seeing what can be done with milk...
  4. MrsMilk

    Big Hello from Somerset, UK

    Good morning beautiful people, I'm Di and I'm a newbie soap maker. In fact I'm so new I'm still waiting for my first batch to cure. As my username possibly suggests I have an interest in milk soaps - The reason being my husband is a dairy farmer so we thought it would be a fun way to use our...