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  1. MagicalMysterySoap

    Carrot Spice

    It's still hot here (it's going to be 101 this weekend :?) but it's fall and can't wait for it to cool. I had some carrot puree so I decided to soap with it and make a carrot cake inspired soap. For scent I used French vanilla fo, cinnamon and clove eos. Omg, it smells so good that I want to...
  2. MagicalMysterySoap

    Bastille soap pics!

    So I decided to make some soaps for a special friend who tends to have dry flakey skin. I figured a high olive oil soap might help. I made a two pound batch and split it into two. One was left unscented and the other essential oils with activated charcoal. They were superfatted at 7% with virgin...
  3. MagicalMysterySoap

    Cucumber honey soap (hot process)

    I had nothing to do today so I decided to make some soap. My sister's mother in law had requested an avocado honey soap but I am all out of them so decided to use cucumber instead. Hopefully she won't mind. I added 1/4 of a teaspoon of parsley powder to lightly color half of the batter...
  4. MagicalMysterySoap

    Is it necessary to decant eos from aluminum to dark glass bottles?

    Sorry if I am in the wrong category but didn't know where to ask. I am about to make my first order from NDA. I have ordered eos in the past from other suppliers in small quantities and have always received them in amber glass bottles. Nda uses aluminum in 16oz and above and was wondering if it...
  5. MagicalMysterySoap

    My first attempt at a hanger swirl (with hot process)

    I think it came out OK. It could have been better but I always think that with every batch I make (anyone else feel that way?), I am never completely satisfied lol. I was in a hurry and set the crock pot on high instead of low, I am never doing that again. On low it is WAY more fluid. I watched...
  6. MagicalMysterySoap

    What do you use to make a hanger swirl?

    Hello everyone :) So I've been wanting to attempt a hanger swirl with my hp soap and have been watching a lot of videos on how to do it. I notice that everyone uses a wire hanger of some sort. I was wondering if I can use anything else? I don't own any wire hangers (Mommy Dearest...