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  1. MOGal70

    Recieved an open bottle of lye

    Opened a box that I received a couple of weeks ago and this is what I found.
  2. MOGal70

    Thank you DeeAnna!

    Some of DeeAnna's posts caused me to have a light bulb come on while I was in the shower this morning! This one is from the shaving soap thread: AND this one from the perfect soapcal numbers thread: A few weeks ago my DH complained that after using my soap he "reeked". He was using the...
  3. MOGal70

    Soooo disappointed!

    I got an order with a bunch of FO samples, right when my allergies are acting up and I can only smell a couple of them!
  4. MOGal70

    Pine Tar

    I just have to say that pine tar soap tastes SOOOO nasty!!!:-x
  5. MOGal70

    Murphy's Oil Soap

    My sister has psorisis and has kept it in check for years by using Murphy's Oil Soap as her "treatment". All through high school and early adulthood she tried all of the prescriptions out there, then after several people telling her to try the Murphy's, she read in a magazine about it and...
  6. MOGal70

    So DH says he "reeks"

    DH has been using the soap that I made for ME (that I love!) it is a 5% SF made of: OO- 37.5%, GS- 25%, lard- 25% & CO-12.5%. He has a batch of 5% SF made of: lard- 50%, CO- 35% & Sunflower- 15%. Not sure why he keeps picking up my bar and not his, but he just sent me a message that he...
  7. MOGal70

    Rosemary and ???

    I HATE the smell of rosemary! And with that being said, I do want to use it in my poo bar because I do want it's reported benefits. Can someone recommend something to blend with it to tame it down. I have: Cedarwood Patchouli Peppermint Orange Grapefruit Lemongrass Lemon but I am...
  8. MOGal70

    WalMart score!

    Went to WalMart this weekend and found 4 Gal buckets of Lard on clearance for $2.98 each! Guess who's going to be making ALOT of laundry soap?