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  1. Jaccart789

    MP and Salt Bar Question

    Hi everyone. I am making baby favors that are sea creature theme. I have made some cp soap to resemble ocean water and then I put whales and dolphins that are mp on top. Pics included... My question is can I make salt bars with same technique? I would make them with salt in silicone cavities...
  2. Jaccart789

    Valentine's Gifts

    Got the cutest heart molds for valentines gifts for friends. I also made a loaf of soap. I got to try my new soap cutter, and it worked great! Finally perfect shape soap all the same size! Thanks to those who told me where to get black vanilla raspberry FO. Perfect fragrance for valentines!
  3. Jaccart789

    Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil

    Any suggestions on a really nice black raspberry vanilla fragrance oil? Do you like one company over another? Thanks.
  4. Jaccart789

    Soap Queens Calendula Cleansing bar Recipe

    Has anyone made Soap Queens Calendula Cleansing Bar recipe? I have her newest book and found the video. I am concerned of the values I get, and wondering if this is a nice bar? I realize sometimes the best bars might have the craziest values. However, the title says cleansing...the values show--...
  5. Jaccart789

    Rebatch Question

    Hi Soapers... I have a question. I decided to chunk up some soap that I made yesterday. I un-molded and it was weeping lots of oil and had a hole from where the white layer (top of soap) met the swirl layers. I have never rebatched before, because I haven't had too many disasters (lucky me)...
  6. Jaccart789

    Nicest Compliment

    Today, I received the nicest compliment and rewarding gift...a lady who I routinely give soaps too, gave my soap to one of her friends who then shared it with her husband, who loved it. He reached out and asked if he could buy some soaps because he is a coach of a football team and have several...
  7. Jaccart789

    Goats Milk Powder

    Hey all... I have made lotion in the past. I have had great success; however my attempt at goats milk...not so good. It started to do this clumping thing and smelled sour, obviously something went wrong. I am a tad put off trying to make it the old fashioned way, because I am afraid of it...
  8. Jaccart789

    These Fragrances

    Has anyone used these fragrances from BB: 10x Orange Essential Oil Eucalyptus Blossom Fragrance Oil Lemongrass Essential Oil Christmas Forest Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil Black Raspberry Vanilla Tell me if you love or can't stand. I am wanting to purchase these. After, buying a few recently and...
  9. Jaccart789

    Adding Salt

    Hi all... I was thinking about adding a small amount of salt to some CP soap I am about to make. Would a small amount of salt 2tsp in a 32 ounce batch hinder bubbles? I have sodium lactate as well. Could I use both or do one or the other? OR Could I add sugar to counteract the salt? Let...
  10. Jaccart789

    Pine Tar Hazards

    My next attempt is a pine tar soap. Is there one brand of pine tar better than another that you would recommend? I read somewhere about being cautious about toxicity or hazards (something along those lines). What exactly do I look for? Thanks in advance!
  11. Jaccart789

    Christmas Soaps

    I cut some peppermint ice soap. I am including my Santa's spruce I cut yesterday since I didn't put it on this post. I figured this must be the official Christmas post! :D
  12. Jaccart789

    Gelling after 24 hours?

    I made some soap yesterday with a routinely used recipe. I have stopped insulating my soaps because I notice that the soap in my hdpe mold heats pretty fierce and even. However, 2 times and yesterday my soap never gelled (I was up really late watching movies, so I checked frequently), but it...
  13. Jaccart789

    Foaming Face Cream Soap... I did it!!

    I love skin and I have been perfecting a face soap and it's very similar to the popular foaming cream that you can purchase but I made it my way! I am so excited that I had to share. Look at the bubbles without the drying effect!
  14. Jaccart789

    What Christmas or Holiday thing you do today?

    Today I cut my first Christmas soaps! I made yesterday with Santa's Spruce. My kitchen smells like a real Christmas tree!
  15. Jaccart789

    Melting Soap in the Shower/Soap Scum Questions

    Is there anything you can do to prevent soap melt in the shower? I realize keeping the soap dry, putting it up on a wire wrack or using a soap dish so it can drain are all things that can prevent soap scum, but is there anything you can add to soap? Does sodium lactate work for this or aid in...
  16. Jaccart789

    My Wedding Highlight Video in Tuscany

    Hi my soap making friends... Posted this in the non soap related area...I wanted to share my happiness. I was recently married in Tuscany, Italy (he is from Italy originally) and I just got my wedding highlight video. I wanted to share it with you, since I spend so much time on these boards and...
  17. Jaccart789

    Anybody Try this Mold from Soap Making Resource

    Has anyone used this mold? It is an acrylic type mold that is freezer and oven safe. I think a member said this is what they used for their lovely bars. I can't remember who. I want to know is it as easy as it looks to get the soap out and do they really like it? I am sick of buying molds that...
  18. Jaccart789

    HDPE Soap Mold and Sodium Lactate Questions

    I am using a new soap mold. Its the HDPE (plastic) soap mold. Even when using sodium lactate I have to wait two days to un-mold, when my wood mold I can remove the same recipe 12 hours after making but I normally will wait 24. I ask because the way the soap mold is made, I have to break the seal...
  19. Jaccart789

    Wrapping Circular Soap

    Any ideas on how to wrap this soap? I don't sell, but I am big on presentation. It's the perfectionist in me. I have a professional logo that was made and I label my soaps with my logo and stamp them. My rectangular soaps I normally band them with Kraft brown material and affix my logo/label in...
  20. Jaccart789

    Vitamin E in CP soap

    How much vitamin E would you add to your CP soap? I am making a luxury bar for my face, using oils such as hemp, avocado etc. I am thinking about using some yogurt too. Thanks for your help!