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  1. MagicalMysterySoap

    what is this stuff on my cocoa butter bars?

    Please share your method, I am curious about your technique. Cp is the preferred method around here so there is a lot of info on that. I am an hp soaper so whenever there are other hp gals I am always curious about their processes. :smile:
  2. MagicalMysterySoap

    Hot lye method

    Good luck, I am sure your oils will be fine around that temp. And I agree, temperature here is key into making it work. Be careful just in case it volcanoes.
  3. MagicalMysterySoap

    Hot lye method

    I read yours too and we had similar experiences. If you are doing it again, I would recommend for the oils to be a lot hotter than 200, and maybe have a powerful sb.
  4. MagicalMysterySoap

    Hot lye method

    OK, I tried it and it did not take me 10 minutes, at all. More like an hour. I made sure that my oils were 200 degrees and that my lye was hot. I stick blended forever and it didn't gel. I checked the temp, and it was 160. I popped it in the microwave to heat it, and it started to separate. I...
  5. MagicalMysterySoap

    Hot lye method

    Thank you for the suggestions and motivation. You are right, I will give it a try and see how it turns out.
  6. MagicalMysterySoap

    Hot lye method

    Wow, that is so cool. As an hp soaper, I am very intrigued. I really want to try it but I'm scared that it will volcano and cause a huge mess. That is unfortunate that she is getting ridiculed. If it works for her who cares. I understand some people not liking her method but if she can make...
  7. MagicalMysterySoap

    100% vegetable shortening...not

    I LOVE the gv tallow shortening. It's cheap, has no Scent what so ever, and is pure white. It makes great long lasting soap.
  8. MagicalMysterySoap

    HP help! Soap cracking during cure

    I think the issue might be putting it in the freezer. I hp a lot, and once decided to place it in the freezer so I could cut it sooner and mine cracked also.
  9. MagicalMysterySoap

    What is a "vegan soap"?

    They won't use either. Even if it is no longer an animal product, you still used an animal product to create it. So not vegan.
  10. MagicalMysterySoap

    What is a "vegan soap"?

    The vegan people I have met will not use or consume anything from an animal. This includes milk, eggs, honey, beeswax, etc. So even if the animal was not killed for it's fat, it's still a product that comes from an animal, so it is not vegan.
  11. MagicalMysterySoap

    Lots of free beef tallow!

    Is this a California thing? I too have gotten the same crap. None of the butchers will sell me beef fat let alone give it to me. What is up with that?
  12. MagicalMysterySoap

    Soap for back acne

    My sister has suffered with back acne all her life. I made her pine tar and she has stopped breaking out. She also says that she hasn't had ingrown hairs from shaving since using pine tar soap. That is all she ever uses now.
  13. MagicalMysterySoap

    Water discount in HP soap

    I haven't I always use full water (38%). But I was thinking of reducing it because my batter is not dry at all, very fluid. So I am thinking next time doing 34% and see how it goes.
  14. MagicalMysterySoap

    hp soap making question

    I use this to calculate my sf. It's really not as complicated as it looks. Other people have different technique. I find this to be the most accurate.
  15. MagicalMysterySoap


    I have no experience with parsley in cp but I am sure you can add it at trace. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  16. MagicalMysterySoap


    I grind the dried parsley into a fine powder and add it to the soap. I hp so I add it at the end. You can add as much as you like depending on how green you want it to be.
  17. MagicalMysterySoap

    Lots of Tallow!

    OH wow thank you so much, will do :)
  18. MagicalMysterySoap

    Lots of Tallow!

    Can you let us know if you notice a difference between rendered tallow and the smart and final shortening? Is one more white and does one have more scent?
  19. MagicalMysterySoap


    What about parsley? I get a beautiful green from the dried kind that I get at the Mexican supermarket (it is the brightest green that I have ever seen) I have tried hibiscus and it does not work. I ground it up into a powder and had a bunch of black specs in my soap
  20. MagicalMysterySoap

    Freezing water to mix

    I freeze my water into ice cubes. I honestly prefer this because I don't get any fumes compared to when I use room temperature or even cold water