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  1. Carly B

    Perfect numbers?

    Today I made my first soap in three weeks. HUZZAH!!!! But something has been puzzling me. I know the hardness, cleansing, bubbly, conditioning, etc. numbers in soap calc are comparative guidelines; some have said they are relatively meaningless. I've found them confusing at best---sometimes...
  2. Carly B

    Coconut Oil Soap

    I remember reading (possibly here on the forum) that someone made a soap of 100% coconut oil with a 20% SF (no salt or brine). That sounded interesting, so I thought I'd try a small batch (6 oz of oil = ~2 1/2 bars). So I measured, melted, blended, added a touch of color and a few drops of FO...
  3. Carly B

    What fun!!

    Did you know you could make one bar of cold process soap at a time?:D Let me explain. I want to make a stained glass soap using CP, not M&P, but I don't have many highly colored bars to sacrifice to the cause. So I decided I would use my six-bar rectangle mold and make six bars, each one...
  4. Carly B

    The joy of small batches

    I just made my first small batch (all my batches are small, relatively speaking) using only 8 oz of oils. I like making up recipes and experimenting, but since I don't sell, like a lot of us, I am overrun with soap. :rolleyes: A lot of recipes intrigue me, and so I decided if I wanted to try...
  5. Carly B

    Your Standard Recipe

    So many experienced soapers here have a standard recipe. How do you even do that? I've been soaping since September, and I think every batch I've made has a different recipe. I take notes, of course, but it's so much fun experimenting and coming up with all the variations, and then it's...
  6. Carly B

    Nurture Soap

    Nurture, my favorite fragrance vendor, is having what appears to be an unpublicized sale on certain fragrances, mostly the Lush dupes. 40% off all sizes. :hippo: It's not all the Lush dupes (and there are some non-Lush fragrances on sale as well), but I went into a panic thinking that since...
  7. Carly B

    Brambleberry up to $20 off on shipping

    All week. :D
  8. Carly B

    Lotion bars vs massage bars?

    Is the difference just the name or are there differences in the formulation?
  9. Carly B

    Chemistry question, I think

    In fragrance oils, what is in them that causes issues? For example, florals have a tendency to accelerate. What is in floral FOs that make them different? It's not really an important question, given that FOs don't list their ingredients, but I'm just curious. Apologies if this has been...
  10. Carly B

    Bulk Apothecary

    I have read many mixed reviews here and elsewhere of Bulk Apothecary. I haven't seen anything about them recently, nor have I yet ordered from them. I'm just looking for any recent opinions of them. Some of their things look interesting, but I use so many suppliers, I'm hesitant to bring...
  11. Carly B

    First M&P in a couple months

    I used to make M&P and rebatch all the time, but in early September, I made my first cold process, and I've been focusing on that since then. Something new, lots to learn, etc. Hubby and I are heading up to LI next week to spend Thanksgiving with his 94 year old mother. Although she worships...
  12. Carly B

    My first failure

    But there's hope! I think.... Made a small batch yesterday. New recipe I made up, making soap stones (which I love to make because I've always loved rocks and stuff), hubby was home (I usually make soap when I'm home alone), etc. Excited to try my new recipe, and I usually do 2:1 lye/water...
  13. Carly B

    Fragrance usage question

    I've seen some fragrances lately where the IFRA maximum usage was below 2.5% on soap and body products. Will that low of a percentage (if I do the math right, that's less than half an ounce ppo) be enough to fragrance CP soap or should I go with a different fragrance? Also, I have read...
  14. Carly B

    Looking for a fragrance dupe

    Does anyone know of a company that has a fragrance dupe of Lush's Sonic Death Monkey? It's a blend of bitter coffee and chocolate and orange and lime, but the blend is such that it doesn't smell like any of those things individually. A lot of places have Lush dupes, but I've not seen that one...
  15. Carly B

    Why no lather? :(

    I made my first soap with lard on Sept. 21. I was very eager to try it, and when I use it, it gets a beautiful lather if I use a pouf, but if I just use it plain or try to get some lather with a brush, nothing. Maybe a thin film, if that, but nothing that even vaguely resembles lather, creamy...
  16. Carly B

    Benefits of a salt bar?

    Other than being trendy, what are the benefits to salt bars? I know it makes the bar harder, but does it make the soap more beneficial for the skin? I have made salt bars using rebatch shreds, and the bars were very hard, but very little lather, and I didn't notice any exfoliation or improved...
  17. Carly B

    Best Tip for a Newbie

    I've only been doing CP for a couple months (last week hubby and I got to try soap from my first couple batches :tub:) and it's amazing how much I've learned from the people on this forum. So thank you all. I was thinking about it the other day, and I think the best tip I read (and I apologize...
  18. Carly B

    Color question

    Yesterday I made a soap using a jade green mica. In the jar it's a bright, bright green, and I was using a bright green fragrance, so I thought a white soap with a bright green swirl would be pretty. The swirls came out pretty nice, but for some reason, the bright jade green turned olive drab...
  19. Carly B

    Lye disasters

    So it's Sunday. I wanted to make a batch of soap before the football game at 1:00. I got up early and left hubby sleeping, and pulled out all my supplies. As I usually do, I was going to mix up the lye water and let it sit to cool until after coffee, breakfast, and shower. I've been using a...
  20. Carly B

    Question for those who use silicone loaf molds

    I'm new to soaping - I only have about 8 or 9 batches "under my belt," but I wanted to ask the experts here who use silicone loaf molds some questions. I have the equivalent of a 1 lb square mold (it's really cute) and a 2 pound loaf mold. How long do you leave the soap in the mold? I have...