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  1. deb8907

    New Swirled Soap

    I swirled 2 shades of blue in a 12 bar flat silicone mold. They turned green, but that's okay. Surprises are fun.
  2. deb8907

    Has anyone used wholesalebodyoils.com?

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased from wholesalebodyoils.com? They sell dupe FO's for a good price. They call the oils "fragrance body oils". Do you think these would be appropriate for soap making?
  3. deb8907

    Would like to share some of my soap photos

    These are some of my recent CP soaps that I would like to share: The first is a 92% Olive Oil with Baby Powder scent by Peak, no color added. I used very soft silicone flower molds. The second photo is olive, coconut, palm, shea butter, and castor oil. Used Moonlight Path fragrance by...