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  1. Melissa Encarnacion

    Hi from Philippines!

    I am Melissa from the Philippines. I am a super newbie. I have tried making soaps mainly via melt and pour as it is the one that I can do with my 10-year old daughter. I am just starting to dabble with cold process soaps and have done 2 so far. Hopefully I can do more in the future. Will have to...
  2. Melissa Encarnacion

    Help Needed: How to use elemi gum resin in soap making

    Hi, I have purchased a kilo of elemi gum resin and decided to infuse it in 1 litre of pili oil. As I used heat to infuse it, it sort of binded with the oil and it is now a fragrant creamy texture. Can I still use it to make cold process soap? If yes, how (will I reduce the liquid in the lye...