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  1. Obsidian

    Pineapple Cilantro

    Made a christmas batch of pineapple cilantro. Smells amazing and I got a few interesting swilrls
  2. Obsidian

    Hair/beard oil help

    I want to make a beard oil for x mas and am wondering what percentage of jojoba to use? I want to keep the oil light as it will also be going to the ladies for their hair. Other oils will be sunflower and argan, maybe some fractionated coconut.
  3. Obsidian

    Gingersnap cookie

    Not much to look at yet but I thought the wet top looked pretty. Made this for my oldest daughter who likes spicy scents. Its for Christmas. Scented with NG gingersnap cookie. Colored with brown oxide. Cut pics later tonight
  4. Obsidian

    A simple soap

    A simple white soap scented with ivory soap type FO.
  5. Obsidian

    Need help blending stinky FO

    I have a 4 oz bottle of Rice Flower & Shea that I absolutely hate but don't want to throw out. I'm wondering what I might be able to blend with it. Its smells very powdery, slightly floral and kinda play doh-y.
  6. Obsidian

    Guacamole and Spaghetti sauce

    Not sure how I feel about these colors, looks like a cooking experiment gone wrong🤣 It's a machanics soap with fine pumice and cream of wheat. Used oxides for the colors. Scented with a blend of Indonesia teakwood and autumn breeze.
  7. Obsidian

    Palm kernel in salt bars?

    I forget, can you use palm kernel in a salt bar? What percentage would be good? I need to make a batch but am low on coconut.
  8. Obsidian

    Face mask recommendations?

    I'm looking to buy a couple good quality cotton face masks that fit snuggly and work with glasses. All the reusable ones around here are either nylon or too small. I have a couple cotton I made, designed like the disposable ones and they fit terrible. I'm not good enough at sewing to make...
  9. Obsidian

    Batch sizes, just oil or everything?

    Just curious what others mean when they give a batch weight. Are you only giving oil weight or the complete batch weight. If I say I made a 27 oz batch, it means 27 oz of oil, nothing else. Likewise, if I was to buy a 2 lb mold, I would expect it to hold a batch made with 2 lbs of oil, not the...
  10. Obsidian

    Deadly weapon, bear addition

    I was given some bear fat a couple days ago and got it all rendered yesterday so I whipped up a batch today for the hunter. Scented with deadly weapon from NG. Used 25% bear tallow and man, did it trace slow. Fantastic to work with, beautiful scent free fat.
  11. Obsidian

    Disappearing keyboard

    I'm using android mobile and have a weird issue when posting. If I need to backspace, everytime I do so, the virtual keyboard disappears. So its backspace, keyboard disappears, touch screen to bring it back up. Repeat until word is erased. It also happens when I hit the next line key. It...
  12. Obsidian

    New snake V2

    so the little corn snake I got didn't work out. He refused to eat and was loosing weight so I sent him back to the breeder before it was too late. Good news is I will be getting a replacement, he will be here thurs. He is a mandarin corn and will be bright orange as a adult. I also came...
  13. Obsidian

    Getting a new snake 🐍

    my old cornsnake passed away a few years back and I've been looking for another since. They are common, easy to find but I wanted a nice colorful one. I finally decided it was time and placed a order with one of the largest and oldest corn breeders in the US. ETA: bit of a change, I found my...
  14. Obsidian

    New cutter finally arrived

    I ordered a beautiful cutter from a etsy shop way back in April. It came from Russia and with corona screwing up shipping, it got stuck in Russian customs for months. It finally arrived today and its beautiful, so worth the wait. I don't think the etsy shop is currently open but if it was, I...
  15. Obsidian

    pine tar recipe suggestions?

    Does anyone have a lard based pine tar recipe that is relatively hard? The last one I made stayed a bit soft, maybe I used too much tar at 20%. I'd like to use at least 15%
  16. Obsidian

    Tomato leaf for color?

    I was washing up after pruning my tomato plants and as always, admired the bright yellow lather. Made me wonder if anyone has ever tried using tomato leaves for natural coloring? I might dry some and try a infusion.
  17. Obsidian

    Using really old oils?

    My mom calls and tells me she has two pounds of mango butter and some apricot oil that is getting old and needs to be used up, do I want it for soap? Of course I got get it only to discover its best buy date was 2015. One lb of mango and the apricot oil was rancid but the other lb of mango...
  18. Obsidian

    Calendula infused

    The only botanical I ever use is calendula, I make a batch every year or so. Normaly I'd leave the soap uncolored, the infused oil being enough to color it a light yellow. This way you can't see so much of the blended calendula petals that I always include in the soap. This time I added a...
  19. Obsidian

    Issues with heat transfer method

    I made a large batch of unscented, uncolored soap with my 50% lard recipe. I decided to use the heat transfer method so I wouldn't have to wait on the lye to cool. I did warm up the lard since it was refrigerated, I then used the SB to get most of the oils to a sludgy consistency before adding...
  20. Obsidian

    Good shave soap recipe?

    Is there anyone willing to share a good, stable shaving soap recipe? One made with KoH. I've read the songwind thread, I've experimented. I'm researched and I still just can't get it right. I chopped my legs up pretty bad today, I just want a easy to lather, slick soap. I do use a brush and DE...