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  1. Chach

    Color/Pigment Question

    OK, I have been soaping for about a year. I have the basics down. I get consistent results and have enjoyed experimenting with oils/ingredients (my new favorite is coconut milk!). I am at the point where I am experimenting with pigments and color. Fun! But...I notice some pigments color the...
  2. Chach

    Tried and true recipe/Too soft soap

    Hello. I have searched a lot of answers that kind of address this issue, but none discuss what might have happened with a recipe that has worked well in the past. Basic 3-oil soap. 9.4 oz Crisco, 6 oz olive, 6 oz coconut. 7 oz h2O, 3 oz lye, 1 oz fragrance. I have made this recipe a bunch of...
  3. Chach

    Color Question

    Rank beginner question regarding color of CP soaps. I have a package of liquid dyes that says it is used for soapmaking. It is from Amazon and the little vials look like food coloring you get in the market. I used one or two successfully when I made M&P. Then I moved on to CP. I sent away for a...
  4. Chach

    Castile Soap Q

    Hello. My vert first CP soap was an all-olive oil soap. I had NO idea what to expect either in process or in outcome. It was touted as a beginners recipe. In retrospect, and with the benefit of about 8 batches of varieous kinds of CP soap under my belt, I realize now that in this first...
  5. Chach

    Will this soap harden more...?

    Hello. New here. Ive made 6-8 batches of CP using recipes I found online with varied success. I wanted to create my own recipe so as to incorporate some of the luxury ingredients I have accumulated. I used a lye calculator. I researched the max/min percentage of which oils/fats are optimum for...
  6. Chach

    Hello From California

    Hello. I started w M&P about 6 months ago and quickly moved into CP. I've followed a few recipes and had some moderate success and a few missteps. I've started to try to create my own formulations and am unsure of the result and why some things might have happened. That's how i found you! Very...