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    Wood Pour attempt #3

    Also an Oatmeal Honey soap, with colloidal oatmeal and honey (and a little salt) cooked and blended and then frozen and used for half liquid. The lye was first dissolved with Aloe Vera Juice, but those cubes were frozen too, so my lye mixture was 85°f once everything thawed. I warmed up my oils...
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    Made just last night! I wanted to use up my mango butter, so these are 78% Mango butter, 15% Coconut oil, and 7% Castor oil. FO was WSP Secret Wonderland, which is a creamy, fruity, slightly floral fragrance. It accelerated a little in addition to the recipe, but fortunately I only needed to...
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    Looking for Teakwood FO

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I bought a candle from Target with a Teakwood fragrance, (made by Chesapeake Bay), and now I'm looking for a duplicate fragrance to make soap with. A lot of the teakwood FOs I'm seeing are mixed with other things, and I really like the soft-but-not-spa Teakwood scent.
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    Programs/organizers for the organizationally challenged?

    SMF does a lovely job of holding my 17 soap recipes, but now that I'm branching out into body butter, lip balm, and hope to get into bath bombs, does anybody have recommendations for recipe organization? Currently, I copy my recipes down on paper, put them in a plastic cover, copy down any...
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    Christmas Morning Soap

    Inspiration backstory: When I was younger, everyone in our family would wake up at 6am on Christmas morning to a soundtrack set the night before. It takes a long time to get through gift-giving between 9 individuals, and everyone still had to be dressed up, enjoy a special breakfast, and get...
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    Having difficulty with Soap Calc

    Please move this if it isn't in the right spot. I screenshot the page that displays when I try to access the Soap Calculator. It'll let me get past it, but it won't let me actually change my recipes. And I'm on a home wifi network I frequently use. Anyone else running into this? I'm on an...
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    Lip balm melting point, beeswax, and flavors

    Formula stuff first: I'm not planning to sell, this would just be for friends and family (maybe as Christmas gifts), and I need to use Argan oil since I don't like it in the recipes I bought it for. So I just whipped up a little batch of: 4g refined argan oil 3g refined Shea butter 3g refined...
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    Bad Body Butter (50% SF) experiment.

    As mentioned in @SPowers thread, a 50% superfat soap. Which probably won't clean well, so it's bad soap, and it's meant to be washed off, so it's bad body butter. But I'm curious, so I'm donating 100g of oils for science. After a lot of thought, I decided on the following percentages: 50%...
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    Salt soap Trials

    Alternative title would be Adventures in Medium trace. 100g of oil per batch meant I couldn't stick blend, also less precision. 25-27% SF, honey 1TBS PPO, Aloe Vera Juice/coconut cream split, 40% natural sea salt, and 2% Sodium Gluconate per batch. Experimenting with Avocado Oil, Shea Butter...
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    Autumn Marble

    I initially made this for the marble challenge, but I'm 99% sure I'll make another batch to enter that's more marble-y. A lot of things didn't go quite as planned with this soap, so it was a good learning experience. I'm relatively pleased with how it turned out, even though it wasn't quite what...
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    Perfume- anything I should know?

    So, my mom really, really like some of the FOs I've aquired, and wanted to know if she could wear it. Well luckily, WSP FOs have handy-dandy percentage rates for all things including perfume, and WSP also sells a perfume carrier oil base. So, near as I can tell, this looks like a slam-dunk...
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    BB Shea butter replacement?

    Hello all! Between some soaping and whipping up some body butter, I'm using more Shea butter than I expected to. I originally purchased mine from BB, and I do love it, but does anyone have recommendations of where to buy comparable Shea butter that will arrive in less than a month? Roughly...
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    Super happy/first batch ever!

    Pictures of my first bars of soap ever, and I cannot believe they turned out this well! Ok, so I know there's a lot that can absolutely still go wrong, and they can't be used for 6 weeks etc. Also, I know it's not recommended to use micas, fragrance oils, titanium dioxide, or other finicky...
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    Sanity Check/Recipe Review

    Hello! This is a long post, just wondering what you guys think of the recipe. I don't have goal of selling, this is just for personal use/fun, so I'm more concerned with what I want in a soap than what I can recoup my money on. I'm going for a roughly 2-2.5lb batch that way any minor measuring...
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    Hello, very new here!

    Hello, all! I'm looking to get into soapmaking as a very side hobby since I have a full time job. I love intricate, colorful, detail-oriented work, but my concentration doesn't last well, so the fact that I don't get forever to work on it should work well for me. I love chemistry and texture...