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  1. Dana89

    Looking for great non-fruit flavor oils for lip balm

    I put a drop of cinnamon in mine, but only a tiny bit. Too much irritates the the lips. I like it because a little goes a long way and it adds an adult scent to the gloss/lipstick.
  2. Dana89

    "off gas"??

    yOU have to watch THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technilly it's a triller, a smart but good enough to be a Horror, just good enough to be a horrow.
  3. Dana89

    Scout has a breakthrough!

    Aww, that is so great. Scout will continue to bloom with your love. Dogs forgive us humans, we need more of their traits.
  4. Dana89

    Ok, I hate for my first post back to be a complaint but...

    I agree there is not much we can do about it other than talk to our customers. This has frustrated everyone at one time or another. From an "all natural" label, to healing claims, to people who know better and do it anyway. Remember that shop that made fresh soap daily and sold salve...
  5. Dana89

    Gel question

    I agree with DeeAnna, it also depends on if you used full water. When I first started soaping I used "full water" and the bars would be a little soft and sticky for a few days longer than the soaps I didn't use full water on.
  6. Dana89

    Weird bumpy texture developed on my Bastile soap, any ideas what caused it?

    It would probably be easier once you cut them into bars, and then you can see how deep it goes. Then cut from there. Or if it doesnt bother you too much, just keep those bars to yourself. ETA- I find a cheese cutter to be great if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a soap trimmer, (I...
  7. Dana89

    Ok, I hate for my first post back to be a complaint but...

    I was looking at BrambleBerrys kits, They are not what I would by because they are expensive IMO, but these are beginner kits for first timers, with the oils mixed for you and detailed directions, this is not the Business in a Box that caused so much controversy. I glanced and the reviews and...
  8. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    Thanks so much for all your condolences. I feel 73 was too young for him to go, but we are never ready to let go of the people we hold dear to us. I feel in a way that it was better that he passed from a stroke than years of Dementia. My heart goes out to all of you going through this right now.
  9. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    Hello all, I am getting ready to back into soapmaking but I thought I write the final chapter in this thread and thank everyone for their support. My entire family got together and agreed not to put him through open heart surgery, which is what his cardioligist said he would need after I finally...
  10. Dana89

    Any good soap history books?

    I read a good book called The Dirt On Clean by Katherine Ashinberg. It's main topic is not about soap but more about the history cleanliness and Hygiene (or rather lack of it), but there are some chapters with that includes good history on soap. I really enjoyed it.
  11. Dana89

    Premature Ageing / DOS of Lard Soap

    I have no answer to your question, but I have to say that is the cutest lard soap! I love the piggy's!
  12. Dana89

    Liquid Soap - Take One

    What was wrong with the jar you threw out? If you added too much water you can add more paste in there. I have done that twice and adding paste thickened it back up. ETA-I always make a little extra paste just in case, diluting is never an exact science, it can depend on your recipe...
  13. Dana89

    11th Batch. 25:43 (Lush Type)

    Lovely bars indeed. I am so not artistic, after many fugly soap I just do a an ITP swirl most of the time.
  14. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    I did work for Hospice as a nursing asst. for many years, I do not feel I need an aide right now. What I am having a huge problem with is getting him to go to the doctor and when he does go to the doctor they suggest another doctor, his neurologist said he needs a phsyciatrist for the klonopin...
  15. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    Well I am very conflicted. I do not anyone to have to go through this,yet it feels nice to know that I am not alone. @Susie- He have been paranoid for a while, my DH is suspect to him, everything is is fault. He paces all day, his hallucinations are constant, he can not longer tie his shoes...
  16. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    Thanks all for letting me vent. I know it must be terrifying to wake up and have no clue where you are or how you got there. I knew this would happen and that is why I wanted him to see the faces of the people that love him everyday. I just pray that it does not become to much for me and have to...
  17. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    Thanks Theresa, it is a difficult time indeed, watching my father go from a strong man to a toddler like exsistance. CMZAHA-Yes exactly. he has been here almost 3 months and I have been away from him for 4 hours. He used to be such a kind and loving man, now paranoia and anger have taken their...
  18. Dana89

    Opinions on this hand cream please

    Yeah, the problems are probable mold growth (unless she is using a preservitive and is not putting it on the label) seperating as Arimara pointed out and HEALS and REPAIRS skin are drug claims in the US. I don't know about the U.K. You can ignore it and not go or school her on the rules, either...
  19. Dana89

    My dad ate my soap

    Normally this would be a funny story, I could tell everyone how my father has a terrible sweet tooth and mistook my Dragon's Blood soap for a batch of brownies but it shows how quickly his Lewy Body Dementia is progressing. My soap is on curing racks in the guest bedroom. I layed down to take a...