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    I was wondering if anyone has ordered from this company for there fragrances oils. If so what do they think of them? I found them on esty. Thank you Kathy
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    Can this be done?

    I would like to make HP goat's Milk soap by adding the goat's milk right before putting in mold. Is it possible to use 1/2 the water called for in the process. And add the goat's milk at the end or not? Kathy
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    Has anyone made pumpkin pie soap?

    Has anyone made pumpkin pie soap? I am going to try it tonight, How much pumpkin pie spice sould I use? Thank you.
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    First goat's milk soap

    This is my first goat's milk Peppermint Refreshment Bar with Dried Peppermint soap. (That didn't burn) Made with Paul's Wal-mart Recipe. This first picture is after I poured it and the second is cut for my customers and a locally owned Motel. Now I decided I need to get a new camera. This...
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    My first batch in my TOG mold.

    This is a picture of my first batch in my new TOG mold. It's great I love it. Can't wait to order more. This is made with Paul's Wal-mart recipe. I love that recipe. Scented with a Harmony scent and colored with a mica green. I can't wait to cut it with my new TOG cutter. This is...
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    What kind of salt do you use?

    I have looking at information on making salt bars for a couple of months now. I have read that you can use epsom salt, sea salt, and table salt of this. I really question the table salt. So I would like to know what everyone uses in there salt bars. And do you use fine or corse? Thank you. :)
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    Pricing your soap for sale?

    I was just courious the different pricing methods everyone use when they sale there soap. CP, HP, and melt and pour soaps. I know some poeple stick to a standard pricing. While other don't. Please share your methods.
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    My first HP batch stain stick/Laundry soap bar

    I just finished my first HP batch it is a stain stick/laundry soap bar. I just poured it an couldn't wait to take a picture. So here it is. I will take more pictures when it has set up. And ready to cut. My camera doesn't take real good pictures.
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    Feedback on this recipe Please

    Someone just gave me this recipe, and I would like opions on it before I make it. Coconut Oil (factionated)-(what does that mean) 13oz Apricot Kernel Oil 3oz Castor Oil 4oz Cocoa Butter 1.5oz Shea Butter 1.5oz Water 8.7oz Lye 4.1 I ran it through the soap cal. and this is what it...
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    HI from Kansas

    I am new here, and am starting to make my own lye hp soap. I have lots of questions about differant things. So I hope I can get answers here.
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    How do you calculate or know?

    How do you know hardness, condioning, etc of a soap rcipe?
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    What do you think about this recipe?

    28.8oz Shea Butter 19.2oz Olive Oil 16oz Apricot Kernel Oil 7.95oz Lye 19.74 oz distilled water I am very new at making homemade lye soap. And would like your input on this recipe. What will make this recipe have a good lather. Thank you