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    Don't know if you would call this a craft, but it's fun

    And tasty! Margarita Cupcakes - these are made with tequila and lime Easter Cupcakes - peeps - robin eggs - roasted coconut with green food coloring
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    1st soaps in awhile!

    Used coconut milk in both batches to try and up the lather Plus I tried using hanger to make swirls - didn't work so well - thought it would need a thicker trace but appears a lighter trace might work better! Hope to experiment more this weekend!
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    Tog's etsy site

    I haven't been on much except in the photo gallery. With Christmas coming up, I am putting a log cutter on my list, and went to look at tog's site and couldn't find it. Has he stopped making/selling? I have Craft Sake's site on my list. Anyone else know any other similiar cutters for sale...
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    Help with increasing bubbly lather

    I bought a bar of Zum and cannot believe the amount of lather it has - much more than mine! I use castor oil, sugar, coconut oil - and still can't get the bubbly lather I would like. I use basic recipe - 30% ea of OO,CO,PO, 7% castor oil, and 3% of other oils or butters - i.e. shea, almond...
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    1st Lotion

    This is the recipe I used to make my 1st lotion - total was 30 ounces, not counting fragrance and preservative: sodium lactate 1% 0.3 stearic acid 2% 0.6 ewax 4% 1.2 sweet almond 6% 1.8 apricot k oil 4% 1.2 shea butter 1% 0.3 sunflower oil 3% 0.9 water...
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    My first semi successful swirl

    And two others. I would have liked the colors on the slab swirl to penetrate deeper, guess I need to hold up the cups higher. I tried to do a semi layer with the sage green - wasn't thick enough to sit on top, but I like the green. And finally another tri color - again I wish the purple...
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    Will almond milk turn your soap brown?

    Just wondering. Want to try it. Is there a big difference using the packaged almond milk vs making your own?
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    My first batches since November last year

    This one traced too fast but overall, I liked it. Uploaded with ImageShack.us This one the colors were supposed gradually get darker from the bottom to the top. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Almond milk

    Does anyone use almond milk in their soaps? Is there a benefit of using almond milk, like there is with GM? Does it have a nutty smell in the finished bar?? Have searched and didn't really find anything on it.
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    Anyone ever visit this site?

    http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/index.php I ran across it checking out ingredients for making lotions, ie ewax, stearic acid, and the different preservatives. I am using jergens lotion right now - could not believe what this site said about it.
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    Question!!! Help Please

    I have some soap that I want to cut up and use as embeds (?) in a new loaf. How would you determine how much big your soap batch has to be so that it doesn't overflow? One thing I have noticed, when weighing my loaf after removing from the mold, it almost equals the weight of my oils, water...
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    Freezer Paper - is there a sub?

    I've tried funky foam, and it bled onto my soap. I can't afford premade silicone liners. I don't really like pieces - like mylar. I tried using mylar by cutting and folding like freezer paper, but that didn't work. Basically, I'm wishing there was something similiar to freezer paper that...
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    Who can afford sandalwood EO?

    Everywhere I've looked, this EO is quite expensive! Am I looking in the wrong places? Can't imagine what you'd have to charge for a bar of soap made with this EO.
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    New Ones

    Here's the cut photos of my oatmeal & honey: And this is the Ease Me blend with tumeric: Lastly, I have my first shampoo bars with rosemary EO: Took photos outside. Definitely like the lighting. But not fond of the composition. Any suggestions? I think I want to find a...
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    Cocoa powder

    I know u can use it to add color to soap, does it also add a cocoa scent to the soap? CP I mean.
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    Off the rack (pic heavy)

    I made these a few months ago. So they are nice and cured. This is After Dark - Sweet Orange, Peppermint & Rosemary EOs. Raspberry pop with Yellow pop swirls. I was hoping raspberry would come out darker. Oh well. Next is Citrus Floral - Grapefruit, Lavender, & Rosemary...
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    My rack :)

    These are three that I have on the curing rack, and two more that are still in the mold. From the left, there's Secret Forest (Cedarwood & Eucalyptus EO, and alfalfa leaf powder), Sandman (Cedarwood & Lavender EO, Lavender Flower powder), and Happy Feet (Lavender, Peppermint & Tea Tree...
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    I want to try CPOP

    From what I've researched, you make your normal CP soap, pour it in your mold, and instead of insulating, put your mold in an oven set at 170 for an hour, then turn off the oven and let the soap sit overnight, or 10-12 hours. One thing I haven't been able to find, or perhaps didn't search...
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    Bit of a dumb question

    Is Palm oil considered a hard oil? The palm I use is sort of liquid and hard - kind of reminds me of large cottage cheese curds.
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    Lotion bar on lips?

    I made a few lotion bars, first time, gave a couple to friends to try out. My son gave one to his girlfriend. She wanted to know if she could use it on her lips, like lip balm. So I checked the ingredients for lip balm, and the only difference I see (other than the percentages, perhaps, but I...