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  1. Amber123

    Annoyed with a soap supply company

    I heard some awesome things about this new company and decided to place a small order and try some products...I saw they took the money out of mypaypal and waited and waited...nothing came in the mail so I emailed them yesterday and they replied they had marked my order as shipped and so sorry...
  2. Amber123

    Going to visit Soapalooza this weekend

    I even planned my little getaway around being able to visit a soap supply store..has anyone been there before? I can't wait to smell all the scents! :-)
  3. Amber123

    Going to do my first HP and nervous

    I've done CP and M&P but never HP...idk why but it frightens me...Im prepping some beer for beer soap and I really don't want to wait the 6 weeks to cure for this one..so I'm gonna HP it so I can use it right away. Any tips for me? Things I need to remember ..things you may have forgotten on...
  4. Amber123

    Men's FO

    I want to make a generic universal soap for all the men in my family and life and wanted to see what you guys recommend that on average most guys find appealing. I know they mostly like an Irish Spring kind of scent.
  5. Amber123

    Slab Mold VS Wire Cutter pros/cons

    I posted this on a fb forum and only got one person's opinion..and would like some more before I place my order. I've been using regular silicone loaf molds and cutting by hand but my bars are never perfectly sized by weight or very uniform looking so I need to invest in a wire bar cutter...
  6. Amber123

    Layers separated..my fault completely

    I did a toy embed I saw on soapqueen and the clear layer in the middle unmolded from my colored scented layers because I put the mold in the fridge. I haven't worked with layers before and whenever I make a m&p its habit to put it in the fridge because my kids typically want to use it asap. Is...
  7. Amber123

    SLS question

    Does anyone get nervous about using the m&p's with SLS Sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient? I know a lot of people look for SLS free soap and was wondering if soapers in general worry as well and for those that sell do people ask about SLS free soap or bring it up?
  8. Amber123

    Facebook page to talk soap and post pics

    Anyone recommend a fb page that is just to talk soap with other soapers and post pics ect? If not I'm thinking to create one. I would def like a daily soap pic or two in my feed.. :-)
  9. Amber123

    Need help with my Shea Butter CP Soap ph is too high

    Hi I made a batch of CP soap using a recipe from Anne Watson's book and I tested my ph after 12 hours then again after 24 hours and the ph is high (ranging 12-14-dark purple). I tested some other soaps and random things (my skin and other soaps) with the strips and the ph strips are definitely...