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  1. snappyllama


    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to check up on how everyone is doing... I happened to find some hand sanitizer at Bulk Apothecary when shopping for soaping supplies. I wanted to pass that along for folks that are looking for the gel for their relatives that need something...
  2. snappyllama

    First attempt at Pine Tar and have weird granules in soap.

    It looks like the pine tar didn't mix in entirely.
  3. snappyllama

    scent and soaps

    Mom247, please check the date before replying. BAH... I typed up a big response before seeing that the original poster was in 2017. Something, something DoTerra is silly expensive for soaping... List of reputable soap suppliers with lavendar EO costs to compare... blah-blah anchoring scents...
  4. snappyllama

    Recipe Question...

    Howdy! Hard Bar: What lye concentration are you using? Are you using a LOT of glycerin to mix your colorant? Are you using that without reducing your water by the same amount? Most folks either: pull out a soft oil (like OO) from their batch to mix colorants reduce batch water by an amount...
  5. snappyllama

    Back to soaping at last

    Welcome back!
  6. snappyllama

    Can I get a soap doctor? Lol

    Those little air bubbles can sometimes be rubbed flat/unnoticeable if you get to them right after you cut.
  7. snappyllama

    Sodium Hydroxide Shipping

    I'm just about to buy some and found the flakes at WSP for 2.83 per pound: 18 lbs @ 44.99 + 5.95 handling fee = 50.94 50.94 / 18 = $2.83 per lb The flakes aren't my favorite for using with frozen milks (I think they take longer to dissolve and require more stirring), but I like the price...
  8. snappyllama

    Anyone mix their additives....

    I add all my additives together and blend into my oils before my lye solution (milk powders, EDTA, honey, sugar, sodium lactate, clays, colloidal oatmeal, whatever). That includes a double-strong milk solution... I just make sure to reserve at least the same weight of water as lye for my lye...
  9. snappyllama

    65% Fragrance Oil, Insane right?

    Thanks Dibbles for linking that post! I've only gone as high as 7% - so it's nice to know I can go a smidgen higher if the IFRA allows it. Carl, if you'e still having problems with fading after that (and the scent is worth the trouble), you can try: Anchoring the scent with a clay like kaolin...
  10. snappyllama

    Water Soluble Dyes and Preservatives?

    Hi DisneyMom, For my scrubs, I always use preservative since water is inevitably going to be introduced when someone uses the product. My lake dyes will bloom with alcohol, oils, or water. I use oil in my bath bombs - so get a nice color. Of course, I still use Poly since I like to suspend...
  11. snappyllama

    Best Honey I Washed The Kids dupe?

    Ditto with Lucycat... Daystar's is very nice. I haven't tried any others to compare though...
  12. snappyllama

    Very proud Mama...

    I love the look of those!
  13. snappyllama


    Excellent layering - and your rainbow colors themselves came out really nicely!
  14. snappyllama

    More bubbles please

    Whoops, sorry I missed that!
  15. snappyllama

    More bubbles please

    I haven't tried soy wax but my guess is that might be limiting your bubbles. To counteract, you could try adding in sugar/honey or subbing in a liquid with a lot of sugar (like the alcohol that was mentioned or some kind of fruit puree). Like others mentioned, EDTA might help cut through any...
  16. snappyllama

    How do you use acrylic beveler?

    Lenarenee, I have a love/hate relationship with mine. Try letting the soap get harder before beveling it - that helped me. Now I do it right before I wrap. I still sometimes end up with inexact sides... Weirdly, if I don't really focus on what I'm doing and go faster while jamming out to music...
  17. snappyllama

    It takes a lot to overwhelm me, but I'm officially just a gelatinous mass of indecision

    Congratulations on your fun problem! I always find just 'getting-in-there' helps me past the daunting where to begin indecision. You might want to start by using up that hemp oil. In case you haven't used it before... It doesn't have a very long shelf life. You might want to keep it in the...
  18. snappyllama

    Sodium Lactate

    I use sodium lactate. I can unmold the day after soaping - even though I don't gel. It's much nicer than using salt to harden my bars: lather isn't reduced, bars area teeny bit shinier, and there is no need to dissolve salt.
  19. snappyllama

    What are Your Safety Procedures?

    Just about the only things I do that I didn't see in Earlene's excellent post: I always keep my head well away from the container as I mix it... as a newbie I once inhaled a bunch of fumes while I peered over my container. I use a long, stainless steel bartender's spoon to stir and keep...
  20. snappyllama

    Choosing Salt for Salt Bars

    I like very fine grain sea salt that I pick up at Costco. One warning - do not use any sea salt that is bigger than fine grained. It can cut you. Also, don't try sticking coarse grained salt in a food processor to make it fine... it leaves incredibly sharp edges. We had someone post pictures...