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    This is weird...

    About a week ago, I made a disasterous attempt at CP...and found I had added too much water. So I wound up with half solid, half liquid. I chatted with forum members who suggested I rebatch, but I couldn't get the darn things out of the mold. So I put it aside for about five days....and...
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    How do you get rid of a bad batch? Can you pour it down the sink? Do you toss everything out? (including the mold???)
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    A horrible mess...or did I miss something?

    I tried to do CP for the first time last night....and just took a peak at the soaps. Only half of the batch is hardened...the other half is still liquid. What did I do wrong? Do I wait longer or just dump it out? How would I dispose of it, if I didn't do it correctly?
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    Tried my first batch....not sure how it will come out.....

    Well, I tried my very first batch of CP tonight. What I had the most problem with was the temperature of the oils and lye. They were 100 degrees each when I finally mixed and started stirring...but by the time the trace happened after about 20 minutes, they had really cooled down. I felt no...
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    First batch of CP

    I am going to attempt my first batch of CP soap tonight. I have a mold that holds four pounds of soap, so, I want to make certain I have this correct, so all feedback will be very much appreciated. If I use 64 oz. of oils, that will give me a four pound batch, correct? And I add my...
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    Finally figured out cigar bands!

    I have been trying to figure out cigar bands for a couple of months now and a friend who is in the candy business gave me an excellent solution. LogoYes and LogoMaker allowed me to create a company logo. Very simple, nothing too fancy. It cost me about $50. Then I took that logo to a...
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    Product Photography

    How do you find someone to do good, quality photos of your product for Web site use? Does anyone have any recommendations? Or if you did the photos yourself, any suggestions for how to do it?
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    Is it possible to make m&P soaps with swirls? Can anyone tell me how?????
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    Pleased but stunned....

    I am incredibly surprised how quickly my hobby has taken off as a business. Once my friends and colleagues discovered that I make scented soaps, I have not had a free weekend. Just in the past week, 12 orders for holiday gift sets. Is this NORMAL?
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    Question about molds...

    I just purchased a Brambleberry wood mold, but my M&P soaps come out with little notches on the side...and they aren't as smooth as I thought they would be.... Is there something else I should be doing after I pull them out of the mold....???
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    Goodie bags......

    I was just asked to create some soaps to be included in a goodie bag for a conference my office is having where about 100-150 people will attend. The conference is in February so I've got time. However, what size bar, do you think would work best...I don't want overly large..or really heavy...
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    Cigar bands

    Is there anywhere I can get cigar band labels printed? I am a computer klutz, so there is no use my trying to do it myself. Are there any companies that do this?
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    Making scents stick......

    I've developed about 18 recipes for melt-and-pour soaps..and my co-workers love them. (I've made about $150 over the last three months!) But one problem I've noticed. The scents sometimes do not last very long. Is there anyway...any additive that will preserve the scents. I use both fragrance...
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    Herbs in soap

    How do you keep herbs from turning brown in your soap?? Are dried herbs better?
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    Success or accident......????

    Over the weekend, I experimented with goats milk melt and pour that I combined with a few different EOs to make Lavendar Oatmeal bars, honey and oatmeal, and some vanilla bars. I took them to work with me today....about 25 bars in all..... My co-workers raided the basket....I came home...
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    Cardboard box mold

    Greeetings all. I took a CP soapmaking class over the weekend from a woman who has a lucrative soapmaking business here in my area. She says she uses milk cartons and cardboard boxes lined with heavy plastic as molds, rather than buying them. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm terrified of...
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    Is M&P synthetic or natural?

    Is melt&pour bases synthetic or natural? And if there is a difference, how can you tell??
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    Herbs and fruit

    I have been reading quite a bit this week about soapmaking. I thought I'd ask the experts.... If you use dried herbs or fruit in your soap, will it mold? Is there a way to prevent that from happening?
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    soapmaking class

    Would anyone know where I could take a soapmaking class? I live in Maryland. Also, what are the best books on soapmaking? Any recommendations?
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    Another question....

    I'm sorry if my questions seem elementary but I'm just learning. Can you use the wood molds for melt and pour soaps?