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    Hard and Conditioning

    I am trying to figure out a recipe that makes a hard bar that is very conditioning. With the soap calculator if I go conditioning it goes soft and if I go hard it become less conditioning. If anyone know something that would make both high in a bar of soap, I'd love to know. Oh I don't want to...
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    Palm Oil Question

    Ok, I have some palm oil that is right around 10 months old. I went to use some and it smells grassy, I don't remember palm smelling like that. Any thoughts? rancid? Thanks! Jeff
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    It's Official!

    I am now part of the TOG family! No pictures yet, but had to do a thanks you to Paul for his great soap molds and beveler! I tried to make my own since I kept spending all my wife's money on FO, that's another addiction, I mean story! Well maybe it's just me, but wow Paul make one bad A*s...
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    Soap Qualities Question

    Ok, I am still learning about how different oils work with each other, but with this list from the soap calculator (wonderful tool!!!) I have a question. I'm a guy, so maybe that is why, but... Is more better or have you found out that staying in the recommended range better? Example - I...
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    Ok this is what I am thinking! Can we begin a conversation about what you have found to or not to work on sunburns? I don't care if it is a recipe for lotion, a commercial product, certain oils, etc. I have yet to find anything on the market or home remedy to help take the sting or burn out...
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    Mod please read!

    Can I post link to a fragrance review board? I'm not part of it just think it is awesome and would help others as it is helping me!
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    FO Support Group!

    I don't know about the rest of you but I think I need to find a FO support group! I have more FO's than I have soap supplies to make soap and every time someone talks about one that they love or I visit WSP and read all the rave reviews I buy more! lol By the way what is the best kind of...
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    M&P Fun

    M&P on a Friday night! Jeff [/img]
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    Hemp Oil

    Ok, I have a question! This is is from WSP - That is a short life for a great oil! My question is once you make soap with hemp oil, does the soap life decrease with having hemp or does it matter after the hemp in made into soap? does that make sense? Thanks for any insight. I will be...
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    frankincense tears

    I have acquired some Frankincense Tears. I am not having much luck finding a way to use them other than burning them like incense. Has anyone ever used the nuggets/tears? Thanks, Jeff
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    What not to embed in your soap!

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    Zap / Tongue test

    Ok I have a question. I looked at other post and found conflicting information, so... I made some soap last night and it is hard or solid now. I took it out of the mold, but have yet to cut. I touched the tip of my tongue to it and felt a slight zap about one second after I did it. So does...
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    Unrefined Shea Butter

    Hello ~ I ordered some unrefined Shea Butter and have a question! I have had this before and it had the signature scent and was kinda yellowish. I ordered more from a different supplier for a better cost for ordering more. This time the smell was a little less and it is gray. I have read...
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    Labeling M & P questions

    Hi. I am working on making M & P soap with embedded items. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for labeling such? I have two concerns. 1. small items that can be swallowed. 2. Items that may scratch someone. I thought about adding "Warning chocking Hazard" Not for children...
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    RTCP Help ~ problem with batch

    Hi, I used a high percentage coconut oil recipe I found on here and think I might have messed up. 4 lb Coconut Oil - 54.4 oz (85%) Shea Butter - 6.4 oz (10%) Caster Oil - 3.2 oz (5%) 4oz FO Super Fat at 20%, but left the H2O at38% of oils (mistake?) Lye/Aloe Juice 50/50 mix - 15.37 oz...
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    What is your favorite lip balm wax?

    What is everyones preference? Soy wax, Bees wax, Candelilla wax or ... Jeff
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    Thanks PAUL!

    Just a quick thank you to Paul for helping me and answering all my questions! I have been using RTCP and using goats milk! What a great easy process! I have asked Paul questions through others topics, my own topics, PM's and looking at all Paul has commented on. There needs to be a thank...
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    Lip Balm Questions

    Hi! Two questions... 1. Do you need a preservative with Lip Balm? 2. Anyone ever add anything to add an SPF to Lip Balm? Thanks, Jeff
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    Tomato Leaf

    I got my order from Bramble Berry today! They sent me a free sample ounce of "Tomato Leaf" and guess what it smells like??? Tomato Leaf! I would have never ordered this, but WOW it is like being in the garden picking tomato's and that smell you have from the tomato plant! I made some M&P...
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    M&P in CP?

    Hi, Just a thought, but what does everyone think about M&P soap, like little colored squares or something being added to CP during trace? I guess you would have to mix over ice and not gel, but would that work? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks! Jeff