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    Life is PHun...eh...

    You get busy and stay gone for a little while and all of a sudden you realize it is October. :shock: DUDE. It's Fall break and the kids...well...are driving me bonkers. Life's been fun. The eldest dawling got Pneumonia a couple weeks ago. Is better now. Younger dawling is heading for it...
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    Fun fun fun for Fall

    peach mango, cappuccino, pumpkin cheesecake, chai tea and asian pear are new... brown sugar & fig Amish Friendship Bread Pumpkin Banana Nut Cake Tuberose Exotique is a blend of Sandalwood and other hardwoods. YUMMY!! :shock:
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    FINALLY...Salt bars

    OK.....after HOW long?? I made my salt bars a few minutes ago. VERY plain...but hey. Oils are coconut, canola, castor, avocado, sweet almond, safflower, and veggie soy wax at 5%. I used mostly coconut milk for the lye solution and added the rest as water. Took out 1.5 oz for the witch...
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    Recent stuff and bizzeeness

    Well...the Olympics kept me busy for two solid weeks. LOVE Michael Phelps. So many awesome inspirations this time around. I've been working on a new pumpkin cream soap batch for almost 3 weeks now. It's in great shape. Been working on fall items and thinking about Cmas stuff too...
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    Give me your best

    Shot and critiquing..... www.bunniesworkshop.com
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    I am SO EXCITED!!!

    I was on the front page of Etsy!!!
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    Check out my new stuff..

    And tell me what you think.... Shampoo bar, vinegar rinse, conditoner, complexion soap, beer body wash, native skies soap, lip balm and goats milk lotion. I need to get a pic of just the products...I'll do that tonight. Triple Threat is a Pure Elixir shampoo bar, vinegar rinse and...
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    Interesting question

    I guess it would go here..... If someone emailed you and asked "what size soap mold do you prefer"? What would you say.... Here it is.... slab mold equals X amount of bars and # of oils log mold equals X amount of bars and # of oils How would you answer this?
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    What size

    is your favorite? I am going to get back into making candles. I have B-I-G containers....32 oz and up. What size do you prefer?
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    The beginning of my play time

    A blend of pumpkin spice and banana nut cake... I'll have more soon....
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    Talk to me about the holidays

    What scents do YOU like? Fall type, Winter and Cmas types?
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    Complexion soap CUT

    I love it. :D
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    For a Good Cause

    I made these last night. We recently found out a friend has breast cancer. I am going to see about raising money for her and her girls. What do you guys think? This one is made of mostly Titanium. The "flowers", wire for the beads. The clasp is Stainless for strength and the charm is...