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    Private Message - Subject: Spam Protection

    Don't follow the "Read new rules" link, it's not from admin! DOH!!
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    FO vs. EO

    There seem to be two opinions on the subject... EOs are concentrated essentials and, therefore, stronger than FOs. or FOs are synthetic and can therefore be made concentrate and stronger than EOs. Or is this one of those "it depends on which scent" situations? ~Lori
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    What is lavender 40/42?

    What's the 40/42 stand for? Thanks! :) ~Lori
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    What do lye pockets look like?

    Anyone have any pictures? Are we talking Baby Swiss cheese or poppy seeds? TIA! ~Lori
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    Over gelled?

    I posted the symptoms of my latest batch of soap and one suggestion was it may have over gelled. I haven't had much luck finding any information on that particular topic. Can someone tell me what actually happens in an over gel and what the results are or can be? TIA! ~Lori
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    How hot does a batch of CP soap get?

    And is there a way to keep it cool? I ask because I have a recipe for soap with neem oil in it, and the anti-buggy components of neem don't like high temps (max of 85°F) so if the soap hits that during saponification (which I would think it did) it's kind of pointless. TIA ~Lori
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    Soap pics (opinions wanted!)

    http://picasaweb.google.com/lorialliani This is my 2nd attempt at CP, but my first "hobby" batch of soap. My *first* batch of CP soap was a medicinal lice treatment that was dumped into a Gladware container which subsequently got mangled upon the removal of said soap. :lol: Talk about...
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    oily soap questions

    Ok, so my first 4 batches of CP soap worked so wonderfully it was time I screwed up. :D Using Soapcalc9, 3lb oils, 33% water, 5% super fat/discount Almond 23% (313g) Palm Kernel 18% (244.9g) Olive 20% (272.2g) Coconut (76 deg) 20% (272.2g) Castor 9% (122.5g) Palm 10% (136.1g) 449g...