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    Listing ingredients

    Hmmm, percentages is always a tricky one for me. :roll: This is what I read in the document from IFRA : So that's why I wrote 0,01% for rinse off and 0,1% for creams etc. But now I think about it, I think you're right. Thank you for correcting me. :D I'm nowhere near selling my...
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    Listing ingredients

    And in Europe you also have to name the 26 allergens that are present if they are above a limit. If the concentration of the substance used is below this value, then it is assumed that there is no longer a relevant risk of its causing an allergy. 0,01% for rinse off products (soap) 0,1% for...
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    Where O Where Do I Begin?

    I found http://millersoap.com very helpfull.
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    Oh my goodness...

    Hi Zenobiah, Is the baby still building his mansion, or is it giving you some time to get used to sharing your body the coming months?
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    Bath Bomb video on UTUBE

    It's fun to see the bloopers at the end. :lol:
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    deodorant base?

    Haha :lol:
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    deodorant base?

    Tabitha, What's your own experience? Do you use it yourself? I am sure going to try making my own deodorant, but would love to hear what you think of yours.
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    Can't get to soap calc

    Do you mean this one? http://www.soapcalc.com/calc/soapcalcWP.asp It works fine for me. :roll:
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    Nifty Soap 'Gadget'

    Nope, I'm Dutch. They used to be on places were people (kids) could not mess with the soap. So we keept spinning them instead. :lol: When we had a reunion at school 10 years later we noticed they were still there. (I do think they refilled the soap :wink: )
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    Nifty Soap 'Gadget'

    That brings back sweet memories. We used to have those in school. :D
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    Soap Mold Liner Tutorial

    The template box I made of cardboard has outside measurements that are equal to the inside measurements of my molds. I'm very happy you shared your way doing it. It will come in very handy with the molds I don't have a template for. Thank you very much!
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    Soap Mold Liner Tutorial

    Nice to see how you do it. :) I do it somewhat differently. I made template box that fits exactly in my mold. I sort of gift wrap half of this box. And then the lining fits perfectly in my mold. It's hard to explain. Here's a site that shows in pictures : lining a mold.
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    Oh my goodness...

    Congratulations ! :D
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    DWCP anyone?

    I'm not Paul, but do know the link : http://www.soapcalc.com/calc/soapcalcWP.asp
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    Paul's Salt Bar Test Bars

    That looks very good! Do you make the clear pillow boxes yourself? They're great!
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    So..exactly what IS considered natural?

    I think the natural discussion is very difficult sometimes. Would you rather have palm oil instead of lard? Even if rainforest is cut for the palm oil? Would you rather have a natural rosewood EO that can only be taken from a tree that is 40 years old? So unless there's a sufficient...
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    Shipping TOG to Canada?

    You're welcome Paul. :D
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    Shipping TOG to Canada?

    I don't know about customs in Canada, but I do know the regulations in The Netherlands. The difference between a gift and a normal purchase is the limit under which you don't have to pay duties. For a normal purchase it's 22 EUR and for a gift it's 45 EUR. So marking things as a gift...
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    Can someone Match a soap I use?

    Tabitha, Your links brings me to the soap trays. They are nice as well, but I guess you mean http://www.basin.com/web-cart/customer/home.php?cat=251 That shows the fresh cut soaps. :D
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    Coconut Oil Confusion

    I know I read it somewhere, and now I can't find find it anymore. :(