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    Tried RTCP method-LOVE IT

    After reading about some of you doing this method I thought I would try it..Wow, I had never tried this method. So I got up the courage last night, and did it. Let me tell you, how nice it was to not have to be bouncing back and forth checking temps! It took about 7 min. of hand stirring to...
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    WSP--their MP--Not happy

    This thread has been deleted & locked.: We pride ourselves on being the friendliest soap making forum on the net. Please abide by the following rules to keep it that way. 1.For the purposes of this forum, ALL products commonly known as soap are handcrafted/handmade, regardless of whether it...
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    Everyone give Paul a hug!

    I have not been a member here long at all, however I can see that you are all pretty "tight" and back each other up. Earlier I had emailed Paul a question about a recipe and found that he (his home) had some damage (mild to moderate) from a couple tornadoes that ripped through his area.. Send a...
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    Cant find old recipe...

    An earlier post made me wonder about this.Years back when I started soaping I had come a cross a small recipe 1-2 pnds that I poured into those little rubbermaid drawer organizers. It was a recipe using Crisco, and other simple oils like Olive, and Coconut Oil..It was then scented and colored...
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    Where to buy a good MP

    I`ve done a lot of research on this MP.. However shipping kills it.. Where do you all buy your MP from? Who has the best, along with prices and shipping? Thanks Mickie
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    Soap company name opinions needed!

    O.K. this is my last post then I am going to bed.. My last company name had my name in it.. I sold tremendous amount of soaps that had some well, "questionable" names... I was leaning twards something Organic-Organics like Organic Gardens when I thought of The Big O.. Then bellow it - Organic...
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    Super CHEAP wooden soap dishes..

    I don`t know if anyone has ever posted this or not.. A prior customer of mine wants wooden soap dishes w/ soaps.. I use to pay around 80-1.00 for these.. Well last night when I was at Menards (after I basically got kicked out of Home Depot) lol... I was wandering around getting wood for molds...
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    help needed calculating please...

    I feel so stupid here.. I made 2 soap molds that are 15 x 15, so that I can get 25- 3x3 inch bars... But I dont know exactly how much soap (pnds) to make... My brain is shot. I want the soaps to be 1 inch thick... The old batches I use to make were about 7-8 pnds... Any wizzards in math out...
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    I`m so bug eyed.. Help.

    Hi everyone.. Here it is Saturday evening and all I can think is SOAP.. Since I decided to revive my soaping and want to do some MP instead of CP - my head is spinning!! I use to make 8pnd CP batches all the time with my custom made molds.. Now that I am trying something new- MP, I want to make...
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    Hi everyone! New poster here..

    Well, I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. My name is Mickie, 43 single mom of 2, one is 21 and lives on his own (kinda)- and the other is minnie me and she`s 9.... I am a battery buyer/broker for my full time job.. I had a soap company for about 4-5 years when I got burned...
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    Help---looking for the stick lotion tubes!

    New here don`t know even how to post, or if my other one went thru!! I am looking for the stick lotion tubes, not the deodorant... Can anyone give me a supplier name please? Sorry- empty ones for my product. Thanks, Mickie