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  1. J

    Thanks all for answering questions.

    Hi all so just wanted say thanks for answering my question couple weeks ago. I made batch successful liq soap. its scented lemongrass and lavender and split between kitchen and bathroom happy dance. Happy soaping all.
  2. J

    Question before first liq soap agttempt.

    Hi all so the recipe I have is for crockpot . I have seen several videos where they added borax is this something I should do? I have The everything soapmaking book and nothing about borax in it, I am not really crazy about adding it if I don't have to. TIA
  3. J

    So where do you get best price lye online

    Hi all so I am running low on Lye and need get more so I can soap more. I purchased current lye from aaa but looking for other options. Thinking about essential depo due to s&h would be low in same state as me. Thoughts?
  4. J

    I'm baack

    So I haven't made much soap lately and I had to reset my password . I've been reading but due to not being able log in haven't been able talk to any of my fellow addicts I mean soapmakers. hehe .
  5. J

    Back couldnt get in for two days

    Hi all I am so glad be able get in. The last two days my computer wouldn't let me get here . So I an HPing a batch now. Gonna be pine for my stepdad.
  6. J

    Thrift shop find

    Hi all well I found a back up crockpot for hp for 6 bucks happy dance. Now to make a batch and scent it pine for stepdad. Now if I could just find a stick blender ...
  7. J

    Fast trace today

    Hi all . Well I made a recipe today I have made before Tallow o.o and cococnut oil I dont have precents right this moment. Not sure why but it traced much faster today. This was HP in crockpot so wasnt fo . It turned out very nice but just shows even with known recipe things can be different...
  8. J

    Hmm thinking ahead what to make when home alone

    Hi all well two weeks from now I will be home alone for several days due to couldn't get time off work so I am thinking about a soaping frenzy while there is nobody home but me. I can make at least three batches of soap but what to make. So many choices so little time. A tallow soap due to...
  9. J

    What's in your soap pot this weekend?

    I am not completely sure but something will be. i have fresh batteries in scale and know how to use it. lol . Thinking about a tallow soap now what scent Lavender lemongrass butt naked ?any votes gladly considered. :P
  10. J

    Sad want make soap scale needs battries

    I now see the flaw to having scale battery operated only. I went to weigh oi andl battery dead . So no soaping today. How ever I cant really complain got like year and a half out of the batteries that came with it.
  11. J

    took forever to cook

    Hi all well i had a brain cramp I went to make a bastile HP last night. Now I went HP knowing that high O.O needs long cure time CP so duh me why did I not think will need to cook for a while as HP soap. So 2 plus hours later into mold it went.I used lavender and Lemongrass EO for scent. Will...
  12. J

    Dennis any soaping adventures this weeknd?

    Hi was hoping for a soaping advenure been rough wek all around. Oh well almost of to work i go.
  13. J

    might be addicted to soaping when...

    Hi all. Well You might be addicted when You keep the box new modem came in cause its a nice width to use as a mold for soaping. It will need be lined with freezer paper of course. Now what recipe and scent to use.
  14. J

    Book review Complete soapmaking book 2nd ed

    Hi all well this is the first book I bought I have gotten several from library. Including Soapmakers Companion. I have to say I really like the one I got . The chapters are informational and each type of soaping has its own chapter. All in all I am pleased with my first purchase of a soaping book.
  15. J

    Fl soapers that sell

    Hi I have recipe been soaping little over a year.Up till now just been hobby but thinking about going into selling. So any suggestions sites to look up regulations in FL. Also where to look for ins? I am just startiing gather info to figure out how to go about it. I have a to do list feel free...
  16. J

    Thrift shop find new Crockpot for soap

    Hi all well i was sad because my soaping crockpot had fatal accident. I was at the thrift store today and found another crockpot identical to the one I dropped. So now I have replaced it for 4 bucks. Yeah cant wait break it in on first batch of :wink: 2011.
  17. J

    Sad killed my soap crockpot.

    Hi all well I went to clean out my soaping crockpot I had used it to render some tallow and knocked it off counter onto floor. Sad very sad it was a goodwill find for like 5 dollars. The crock shattered into millon pieces so not only did i do something dumb and break it than had clean up the...
  18. J

    Trying new FO

    Hi all well finally getting to try one of my new FO I got myself . Lemongrass. So far All I can say is smells yummy. I hope it doesn't fade. We shall see . I can also say family needs eat more yougert so I can use empty containers as molds makes a nice shape bar of soap.I sprayed it with Mineral...
  19. J

    Order at the sage . My present to myself

    Hi all well I made an order at thesage.com christmas to myself. couple containers of oil and two sample size FOs. with shipping I am under 40 dollars. So now to wait for UPS man. Hoping before christmas thinking will be after.
  20. J

    Work stress gonna make soap.

    Hi all well I hadn't been making much soap lately due to need get some used up first. After today at work I dont care I need my therapy Soapmaking. Gonna use christmas pine FO. Wish me luck.