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    Does different levels of trace result in different hardening times?

    I've been playing with my new to me slab molds and when I 'poured' my first one I was at a fairly thick trace. I thought I'd back off of the second slab mold so I could get a level pour into the mold. This batch was at light trace and poured really nicely. The difference between the 2 (only...
  2. K

    Graduating to a slab mold w/ brine soap - need advice

    Hi all, thanks in advance for your help! I've been making CP soleseife in individual silicone molds and it's worked well. I'm moving up to a (aprox) 6 lb slab mold with guidelines cut in the wood for cutting within the mold when it's ready to cut. ----- Recipe here...questions after... 68.45 oz...
  3. K

    First soleseife batch (first ever batch!), critiques please and thank you!

    Hi everyone! I've made my very first batch of soleseife and I think I like it very much but since it's my first ever batch of any sort (woohoo!) I would love some feedback. For starters, here's my recipe: 2.4 oz lye 4.37 oz 20% brine solution 5.29 oz coconut oil 10.58 oz olive oil pomace .88...
  4. K

    Looking for equipment recommendations for 12 pound batch

    Hi all... I'm scaling up to a 12 pound recipe and I'm wondering a couple of things. First, what would be a good pot size for mixing this amount? And, would a 12 pound batch be too deep for a regular stick blender to work? Thank you!
  5. K

    Life span of silicone gang molds or is it possible to hand shape cp?

    Hi everyone...I'm still here and learning and my next adventure is figuring out if I want to make my own silicone gang mold. Possiblity #1 is making my own silicone gang mold to have a multiple of the shape I want to make. I could do it, but I can't seem to find an answer to how long the mold's...
  6. K

    Hi everyone!

    Hey there...I'm Karyn. I'm new to soaping and hoping to create something unique. Nice to meet everyone!