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  1. renata

    My Soapy Christmas - pics heavy :)

    Well, this is it! All of my Christmas soaps - most of them allready have a new home
  2. renata

    Chocolate Mint After Eight soap

    It smells gorgeous! Like real After Eight chocolate! And I think colors go well with the scent :) I used spoon plop technique again :)
  3. renata

    Some kind of Tiger Stripe soap

    It's not really tiger stripe, it's a spoon plop technique. But it looks like tiger stripe :grin: I used TD and Cocoa powder for color and FO blend of Sandalwood, vanilla and coffee, it smells fantastic
  4. renata

    Mulled Wine Soap

    I did't use real wine, just FO called Mulled Wine. It smells fabolous!
  5. renata

    Spots and dots Soap

    Annnd another soap :p That's the crumbly one! I left it in the refrigerator for two days and it was quite crumbly. I used one piece of soap as a modeling paste and smooth the crackes out. It looks fine now and I hope it won't be crumbly when it will be fully cured :sad:
  6. renata

    'To-do' list

    Hi everybody! I opened new thread to ask you, what's on your 'to-do' list? How will your next batch look like? What technique are you planning to use? What colors? What EO or FO? I'm sure this will be one inspiring thread :grin: My to-do list: - Apple Cinnamon FO - omg that smells awesome! -...
  7. renata

    New soap - Spruce in snow storm

    I used FO called Frosted Tree and used green&white color combo. I tried to create a green spruce and it looks like I discovered new technique :) Since it's a strange looking spruce, I called it Spruce in snow storm :mrgreen:
  8. renata

    Crumbly soap - temperature problem?

    Well, I made a soap batch 2 days ago. I'm quite new to soapmaking so I know one learns from his mistakes, but I have to find out what caused this problem. I believe I made quite a few mistakes with this batch: - I mixed lye flakes with water ice cubes so it didn't warmed up. It was quite cool...
  9. renata

    Honeywash soap

    Yesterday night was a busy night. I made new batch of soap, scented with Honeywash FO (it is supposed to be a dupe of Lush Honey I washed the kids) I made a cream top with piping bag and I think it looks to much like food now :Kitten Love: We'll see :)
  10. renata

    New Snow Soap

    I made new soap today. It smells so fresh, I used FO Snow. I put it in refrigerator to prevent gel. i just hope I don't end up with partial gel :!:
  11. renata

    My love for Polymer Clay

    Polymer clay is my other hobby. I love making miniatures for key rings, earrings and so on :)
  12. renata

    Rudolph The Christmas Soap

    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Had A Very Shiny Nose lalalala :p my favorite Christmas song! And this is my first Christmas soap :p Ohhh I'm so nervous what is inside :Kitten Love: The smell is gorgeous! Its FO Santa's Pipe :lol:
  13. renata

    Supplies haul

    What a nice day :) My package arrived :mrgreen: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Castor oil, Shea butter and Oxides! Soooo happy! This was my first big order from England (Soapmakers-store) and I have to say that I'm impressed. I was waiting only 1 week and international shipping was not so...
  14. renata

    Just another Purple Rain

    Purple Rain - soap loaf picture on page 2 Oh, I don't want to name it Purple Rain and I won't. It's just 'name in work progress' :wink: I'm listening Prince's Purple Rain for the 5th time now 8-) Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil and shea butter. TD and purple mica and some...
  15. renata

    Trace and swirls - problem

    Hello everyone! I have a problem and I hope you experienced soapers can help me out. My usual soap recipe is (approximately): 20% coconut oil 35% palm oil 30% olive oil 10% rapeseed or sunflower oil 5% castor oil with 5% superfat I really like this recipe - it makes great hard soap, bubbles...
  16. renata

    White soap - which oils and TD?

    Hello everyone! I could really use some help. My friend asked me if I could make a green&white soap as a wedding favors. That means around 90 pieces of soap. Since I'm quite new to soap making I need your help please. My recipe: - 20% coconut oil - 30% palm oil - 35% olive oil - 5% castor oil...
  17. renata

    Summer soaps

    Hello! I'm new here on forum :wave: I have some photos to show you. I'm new at this so be kind. My first batch was made in may 2013 and since then I made 6 batches. I have no photo of the first one, because hmm it doesn't look very good. Last two batches are still on the curing rack. So here...