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  1. earthygirl

    Global Garden Rice Bar

    Here is my latest one a combo of coconut, olive, palm, palm kernel, rice bran and shea butter. I used rice milk for my liquid. added liquid silk and rice flour, fo, and neon oxides soaped at room temp. Thanks for looking
  2. earthygirl

    3 oil Luxury Bar ala Earthygirl

    Here is the recipe for the 3 oil bar I made in the swap. Althoug a bit labor intensive I thinkit came out really well. Soap recipe created by SoapMaker version 2.8 some of the excerpts for the making of the milks was used from directions I got from "How to Make Marcie's Milks" and the...
  3. earthygirl

    Splendor in the Grass

    I used celery puree for my water(added distilled water too) scented with chamomile, cypress, lavender and lemongrass. Colored with chlorophyll and yellow oxide. Smells wonderful!
  4. earthygirl

    For Lovers Only

    This is one of the items ofr the swap For Lovers Only Scented with Rosewood, Patchouli, EO's and Tony's sandalwood FO the darker swirl is red sandalwood powder. the flecks are infused pink rose petals and cinnamon
  5. earthygirl

    Fruity Fresh Mint

    Well I am finally feeling better, and got around to soaping for the first time this year. I just poured this one. Mixture of EO's Cal. Lemon, tangarine, lemongrass and spearmint. It will be a couple days before I can cut this one
  6. earthygirl

    shaving soap recipe

    Base Oils: for a 4lb batch CP soap Olive 19.20 oz Palm 16.00 oz Coconut 16.00 oz Sunflower 9.60 oz Castor...
  7. earthygirl

    Celestial Nights Shaving Soap-Pic Heavy

    Sorry for the cross posts, but I am just so darn happy with the way these shaving soaps came out! all EO's used. soaped at room temp to avoid the potential for seizing. it worked pretty well. colored with black and pink aussie clays. EO's used were bergamot, nutmeg, tangerine, ginger...
  8. earthygirl

    My other "Hobby"

    Yes yes, like I don't have enough to do.... This was done with a 14 day wild sourdhough starter(made from grapes) Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough I got 2 loaves out of this. DH just loves it!
  9. earthygirl

    Hello from South Carolina

    Hi y'all! Great looking forum! I haven't had a chance to wander around yet, but I see some familiar "faces". I have been soaping for about 6 or 7 years now and have just gotten into the creams and scrubs within the last year or so. Giving a shout out to Paul!