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  1. J


    will you please send me your info on soap to julia@cafes.net - i have just started making soap / lotion. i appreciate your help! Julia
  2. J

    Hello from Tennessee

    hello from TN OOPPPPSSS! Not GATLINBURG :) - its in Williamson Co - alot closer! :lol:
  3. J

    Hello from Tennessee

    Hi from Tn hey all! many thanks for all of the nice welcome's. i'll have to check out the link you sent to me Paul. I only live about 4 hours from Gatlinburg :D
  4. J

    Hello from Tennessee

    Hey from Tennessee! I've been lingering around the site and have enjoyed it very much! I've just started making soap so if I ask something that is off the wall - forgive me for my ignorance! :lol:
  5. J

    Question about loofah soaps

    loufah's I've put the loufah's in the crystal light canisters, poured soap over them - now you have to hold the rope up while you do this - mine came out fine. I didn't soak my loufah's or anything. Took them out of their packaging and stuck them in the canister..... :D
  6. J

    Case packaging

    packaging I have been networking with a lady that I met online - she told me that she buys her stuff at papermart.com - also look at nashvillewraps.com they may have what you want. :D
  7. J

    Question about loofah soaps

    loufah soap mold The way I have started making my loufah soap is using the canisters that Crystal Light comes in - those things are perfect! for a round loaf of soap.