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    Using jewel weed in soap

    I made a strong "tea" with jewel weed in hopes of making soap for poison ivy or soap for just plain skin irritations. I have had some problems with my computer crashing and have lost the info I had on it. Of course I can't find it again!! I tried searching on the forum but I am not coming up...
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    herb book recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a book on herbs used in soap making?
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    No cracks!!

    I am sure many of you share in my excitement......soap with no cracking! Thank you to all that gave me helpful tips and Heartsong for all of yours!! The top log is pink grapefruit and the other is GM. That is the first of many GM that did not crack. I think the new, just plain pine...
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    Help.....My soap is still cracking!

    I am watching it like a hawk. As soon as the temps started to rise I took the covering off. Also put it on a cooling rack. It still kept cracking so I took the mold apart to get more air around it. Is it my mold. Maybe not enough area on top. It is made of a type of mdf wood not a pine...
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    Cracking question

    Just when I thought I was good to go...... My batches now have any where from a hair line crack to an out right crator on top. I have noticed in my batch notes that I am using 33% not 38% . Would the water have something to do with it? Also, trying to look things up, I am now using 35%...
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    Crisco in a base recipe

    My goal is to have a basic recipe that won't make me broke or those wanting to buy my soap. Key word "Basic"!!! I don't want to use palm oil, and would like to have a veggie basic and a lard basic. Would you use crisco in your recipe? I have made several batches with it and have good...
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    Mixing lye ahead of time and a coconut oil question!!

    #1. I have a container to store my 50/50 lye mixture in but it has ( after many attempts of cleaning) a lite fragrance to it. Will this be ok or will the scent carry through to the lye mixture? #2. I was reading through a "squeaky clean" post, where the result seems to be in the coconut...
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    Super Fatting comprehension!

    I have heard different ideas on super fatting and after pondering it for several days, I am wondering if I understand it right. ( I have read a couple of books and I have done alot of reading on this forum.) I was told that adding at trace wasn't necessary, that all oils went through its...
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    So......if I am happy and comfortable with my soap recipe and want to try adding some fragrances, where should I start. I have read that EO's are better to use but are very pricey. I was given FO from Natures Garden and tried that and it seemed to work fine. I just don't have the money to...
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    Will Lard that you can get from Walmart -( ARMOUR: lard, hydrogenated lard,bha, propyl gallate, citric acid) - work in soap recipes? I bought some, opened it and oooooh, has a little odor!!! Does that remain in the bar if you can use it to soap with? Ok, that is it for tonight, I have to...
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    Cracks on the top of my loafs

    My very first question... I am so excited. I have made 6 batches so far and they have all come out very well. (setting my expectations low!!!!) They are pretty basic. I haven't dealt much with fragrances, just wanted to get the feel of soap first before opening myself to mishaps. I made a...
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    As many have said before..... I have been reading your site for sometime now. What a great bunch! I have just gotten into soap making, rather just got addicted! I never thought it would be for me....but I can't get enough. And the sleepless nights... most of you are reading, nodding your...