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  1. burnandgroom

    Cloudy Finished Liquid Soap

    Hello, all! I have a question about cloudiness in my finished liquid soap. I used Irish Lass's method. My recipe is the same as my bar soap blend: 50% Soybean Oil 25% Coconut Oil (76) 15% Grapeseed 10% Olive (pomace) So it's obviously not the same ingredients as Irish Lass, but I...
  2. burnandgroom

    Where to buy Crafter's Choice EO/FO blends?

    Hello, all! I have been buying Crafter's Choice essential oil and EO/FO blends for years from wholesalesupply.com. Within the last few months, their prices on almost everything sitewide have skyrocketed. The Rosemary Peppermint blend I use went from $35 a pound to $48! There are other even more...
  3. burnandgroom

    Base oils separating?

    Hello, all! I've been making cp soap with my current oil blend for about a year now. We are trying to condense our operation and move everything into a toy hauler RV in a few years. My base oil blend is olive, grapeseed, coconut, and soybean. I would like to pour them all into a 5 gallon...
  4. burnandgroom

    Buyer Beware Notice for Bulk Apothecary

    Hello All! I just wanted to make you all aware of issues that I have been having with Bulk Apothecary in the hopes that you will be aware of what may befall you if you order from these folks. I'll start at the beginning (and these are just the facts, ma'am, not any badmouthing) I placed an...
  5. burnandgroom

    100% Soy liquid soap?

    Hello, all! I've been lurking for a while learning from ya'll but I've come up with a question I can't find an answer to. I've been making soap for a while now, (started with m&p and graduated to CP as you do,) but I've never done liquid soap. I've watched the helpful video on this forum and...