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  1. K

    A question about Boar fat, boar lard.

    My folks save bacon grease all year, then made soap in the fall. I was a kid, no idea how, but it was a nice brown laundry soap. Worked fine for washing off gardening dirt, etc.
  2. K

    Can't anybody get regular sick anymore LOL

    If it's blooming, has bloomed or is going to bloom... aka pollen... I'm allergic to it. Fl, Hi, Ohio, Texas, CA... no difference. I drive a semi. am all over the country and am pbly allergic to everything. I don't stay in onc place very long, so it seems my nose is usually dripping, or a dry...
  3. K

    Any graphics people here?

    yup, use Panatone colors. If I remember correctly, you can select them in PSP. Also, your monitor probably needs calibrated. When you go to Walmart or Costco and look at a bunch of tv's each one will vary slightly, Same with computer monitors. Or, just use Panatone colors and have a sample printed.
  4. K

    Finally got my garden going again!

  5. K

    Finally got my garden going again!

    What are those tower things called? Looks like something even my old back could handle...
  6. K

    Eureka, maybe

    It's a nice color of blue. Good luck with your soaping. I like to read how people overcome soapy challanges, that'll help when I get a chance to start making soap. For now, I just read. and watch youtube vids.
  7. K

    Hey there

    The good thing about gifting soap is that it gets used. Unless you give it to Aunties and Grandmas. They like to save stuff for "good".