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  1. sasha_88

    What qualities of beer are kept when used in CP soap?

    I read that beer soap has the antibacterial qualities of yeast and also B vitamins. However, I boil beer before mixing it with lye, then it undergoes saponification. Can it be said that these qualities are kept when the yeast is long dead, especially if you use pasteurised beer and the B...
  2. sasha_88

    Is wooden worktop hygienic enough?

    Hi all, I am looking to buy or build a soaping workspace, but I wonder what the most hygienic worktop would be made of. I can't afford stainless steel at the moment, so I am wondering about wood. What do you think? I apologize if the thread is not in the right forum.
  3. sasha_88

    Curing soap in the UK - dehumidifier recommendations

    Hi everyone! How do you cure your soap in the UK with such high humidity? My home has a relative humidity of 65% at the moment and the lowest I could get it down to is 60% with an electric dehumidifier that is supposed to draw up to 400ml water a day (only 40ml in my experience). The room is...
  4. sasha_88

    How much calendula infused oil to use?

    I've been making 1:10-1:15 calendula olive oil infusion and I've been including it in my soap at 42% of my oils. Is it too much in your opinion? I use half of my water as calendula tea, too. I looked at other recipes these days and some people say 10% of the oils is more than enough. Any advice...
  5. sasha_88

    Can fresh ingredients added after HP go bad?

    I make cold process soap with milks, honey, vegetable juice and essential oils. I'm thinking of trying HP and adding all those ingredients after the cooking, so they have a better chance of surviving (the EOs evaporate, honey and milk lead to partial gel, etc.). However, would the milk and...
  6. sasha_88

    Beer soap reaching trace immediately without a blender!

    Hello all, I made a batch of beer soap today and as soon as I was pouring the lye in the oils, the mixture reached trace while stirring with a wooden spoon only... I think this is very strange and never experienced it before - I've made around 20 batches before, including with beer. Do you have...
  7. sasha_88

    Does CP soap continue to cure if wrapped in cotton fabric?

    Hello all, Do you think CP soap will continue to cure if wrapped in 100% cotton? I'm in a situation where I have only 3 weeks to cure my soaps before wrapping them, then probably around 2 more weeks before giving them for use. I know at 3 weeks soap is not at its mildest and that is why I am...
  8. sasha_88

    Could this be lye pockets?

    Hi everyone! I'm new at soap making and experience some problems. Yesterday I made a batch with goat's milk powder, honey and different oils and butters. I used a good lye calculator, mixed everything thoroughly, including the lye. I dissolved it in water, while I used a small amount of water to...
  9. sasha_88

    Goat's milk soap won't trace

    Hello, I am new to soap making and I made my second batch of soap today. The previous one turned out just fine and I decided to try goat's milk powder in the soap this time. I was very confused as to how to reconstitute it (the supplier didn't help much), so I chose to trust an advice on a...