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  1. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    So sorry about your back injury. I broke my ankle in two places and started doing the same thing. I even started replenishing my yarn stash. Your bar cutter is beautiful!
  2. Lindywine

    SMF May 2020 Challenge Signup – Diagonal Slice Stripe with Swirl

    Absolutely beautiful! Balance of subtle color and line is stunning!
  3. Lindywine

    New Year Soaping Goals

    So you are a quilter---we have something in common-I am a weaver, felt maker, knitter, and spinner. I guess I should also mention that I was a math and science, and sometimes art teacher for 25 yrs. So what is the big price for these classes? I couldn't find any information on their site about...
  4. Lindywine

    New Year Soaping Goals

    I have been soaping for MANY years including at my Grandmother's side in the 1960's, yet I am interested in exploring the bathalchemylab.com. I just want to know if anyone has had experience with it, and what they thought about it. We all could use more expertise, and I wanted to know if this...
  5. Lindywine

    How Beneficial is Soap Really?

    I agree with Chris.
  6. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    What is IG? I'm an old time soaper and make more than I can give away. If you're wondering, this is an old photo by my name!
  7. Lindywine

    Post your Gripe

    I am so sorry for that unfortunate event. It is truly a nightmare, but...now this might sound a little bit weird, but if your mud is fairly clean, you can make some bricks out of it to remember how the coffee shop started. You might even be able to reduce it to a clay that could be used in...
  8. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I understand having to deal with health problems...getting old is such a crippler on getting things done. Pick some soft soaps so that you can easily cut. Then let them cure over time. I'm not wild over melt and pour, but the work for holidays and special occasions. I first learned soapmaking...
  9. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    What interests your granddaughter?
  10. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Would like to know more about this soap!
  11. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I am sorry about your having to sell your horses because of arthritis. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and had to unload my beautiful Swedish Gimåkra loom:(. However, I am finding some substitutes such as a small table loom, knitting, spinning, and yes, making soap!:)
  12. Lindywine

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Perfect Bituminous Lump of Coal MP Soap---activated charcoal, black knight mica, anise EO. Get out your chef's knife and cut, gouge, make it look like a rock pick loosened from a bed of coal. Shiny, and smells great...Good stocking stuffer using WholesaleSupplies Plus labels printed on glossy...
  13. Lindywine

    Economical and eco friendly packaging

    How about glassine bags with twine or yarn?
  14. Lindywine

    Making soap the REALLY old fashioned way

    I really enjoyed reading this as I did the same thing with my grandmother. We still have some of her century old soap. I like to display it along with my "modern" handmade soap.
  15. Lindywine

    Soap Artist Needed - Las Vegas Factory

    Does this person need to live in Las Vegas?