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  1. Skatergirl46

    GLDA, a modern alternative to EDTA

    Where can it be purchased? I have been looking and haven’t found a place to buy any.
  2. Skatergirl46


    I’m interested in hearing about how it turns out. I love the smell of lemon. Orange EO is divine also.
  3. Skatergirl46

    salt bars not letting go of my molds

    I only use silicone cavity molds for my salt bars. The plastic ones don’t release certain kinds of soap well, so I rarely use them.
  4. Skatergirl46

    Random Picture thread (non-soap)

    They’re so cute! This is my new rescue kitty Lucy. She is super sweet and funny.
  5. Skatergirl46

    Sunflower Oil

    I use HO Sunflower and love it in soap. It doesn’t have that slimy feeling that you can get from OO either.
  6. Skatergirl46

    My New Molds

    Tell him how much money you saved by buying these. That might make him happy.
  7. Skatergirl46

    KOH and NaOH in shaving soap

    There is one called Soapee that I use when I do dual lye formulas.
  8. Skatergirl46

    Snake Skin Soap

    It’s very easy to see if there is any of that on the skin. I simply tear that portion off and discard it. Edited for spelling.
  9. Skatergirl46

    Snake Skin Soap

    I’ve made a Couple of batches using snake skin in my lye water. Most of it dissolves in the lye, and I pour it through a strainer to get the solids out. It isn’t really any wierder to me than using silk, which comes from worms. My snake skin soaps have a smooth silky feeling. The light green...
  10. Skatergirl46

    My New Molds

    Those are really nice! The price is nice too!
  11. Skatergirl46

    Fluid hot process soap

    I have done it a few times. It has never adversely affected my soap. No DOS or other issues at all. I put in about half a cup right at the end before pouring. It’s hard to tell that it’s HP.
  12. Skatergirl46

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made a simple one color batch of CP with a lot of nice beef tallow that my son’s friend brought me. This is my first time using The One Mold. The instructions say to leave the soap in the mold for at least 48 hours. I’m going to do that. If anyone has tips on using this mold I welcome them.
  13. Skatergirl46

    Lye didn’t dissolve completely

    IMO it’s not worth the risk of burning yourself or someone else. This batch is not safe. Please chuck it and start again.
  14. Skatergirl46

    Lanolin oil

    I use it in my shaving soap. I like it. Using it in soap is going to give that squeaky clean feeling on your skin when it’s wet. As soon as your skin dries that feeling goes away and the skin is left soft. I have not used it in my other soaps.
  15. Skatergirl46

    tube /cylinder sopa molds

    The Bramble Berry mold makes soap that is about 3” in diameter.
  16. Skatergirl46

    Multiple embeds in melt and pour?

    Yes, she explains everything really well too. That is a great place to start.
  17. Skatergirl46

    tube /cylinder sopa molds

    I have two of the Bramble Berry column molds. They come apart completely into two halves. This mold fits together well and is made of good quality silicone. I noticed that the first time I tried using it the sides opened when I tapped the mold to remove bubbles. Now I use monster clips from the...
  18. Skatergirl46

    Jojoba vs Lanolin

    You can zap it in the microwave for short amounts until it melts, and then it’s easier to deal with.
  19. Skatergirl46

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    I’d up the Stearic and lower the Coconut. Coconut oil makes a lot of bubbles but not the dense creamy stable kind needed for shaving soap. Most tutorials that I have seen say to use 50% or more.
  20. Skatergirl46

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Today I made my first dual lye shaving soap. It has Bentonite clay, Vitamin E, Jojoba, and a little Aloe gel. Tried it in the shower tonight when I got home from skating practice and I got a very good shave, and my skin isn’t dry. :bathtub: