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    Patchoulli Oil Question

    OK, so, I was looking at the IFRA sheet for the WSP and ALL the slots say NO LIMIT. So, does that mean A- You are not supposed to ever use it? B- There is no limit and you can use it in any strength C- the IFRA sheet has a mistake? Thanks to anyone who can help with an answer. Or if...
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    Gilding Soap?

    Has anyone ever applied gold leaf to soap either before or after saponification? If so, any tips?
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    ED frustration

    Sorry have to vent.... So, I like ED especially their essentials... So, it's been annoying to me that for the last few weeks, because they are swapping over their labels, I haven't been able to get most of what I need. So, today was they day they are supposed to go live. So, I go on to...
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    Lala Essential Oils

    Does anyone have experience with lala Essential oils regarding price and quality?
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    Olive Oil In Bulk

    Does anyone here have a preferred source for bulk olive oil they would be willing to share... I mean like 55 Gallon drums.
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    his might sound like a stupid question

    I was having a conversation with a hobby soaper and they made a claim that seemed impossible- but HEY I thought I'd ask here.... They said, they accidently used an extra 12 ounces of lye in a 8 pound soap recipe- and even though it was THAT lye heavy, it was NOT zappy after 24 hours. Is that...
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    Superfat after trace

    Does anyone have any experience and/or chemistry info on weather it really helps to superfat after trace in CP soap? Ie- If I add my lye, blend to thin trace, and THEN add cocoa butter (For example) is it likely that the cocoa butter will actually be the super fat? I realize in HOT...
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    Insurance who do you use?

    I am hunting for insurance for selling soap, in the USA, at events. Can any of you share recommendation FOR or against any particular carriers you use- and why? I did try to search, but after a couple hundred with no specific carriers mentioned I thought I;d try a new thread. Thanks in...
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    What to use for a mold....

    Ok, so I want to do a decorated soap layer cake.... BUT what to use for a mold???? Suggestions? I have some deep cake pans, but even if I could figure a way to line it... It is aluminum so if it leaks it would be a disaster. A bucket? But how would I get it to release. A spring...
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    Anyone ever try this????

    Would it be possible, with a CP soap, to pour a thin layer of some type of butter or a blend on the top of the saponified soap? My thought was, for instance, if one wanted to super fat with Shea on top of a CP soap this could be an option... or... if one wanted to use a hard butter like...
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    So, just out of curiosity- what did "we" do before Soap Calculators? Is there a resource that has the formulas on which those calculators are based? Thanks to anyone who knows the answer. Dean
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    Last Week's Soap

    Tobacco Bayleaf fragrance with a black mica and purple mica pencil line Chocolate mint Tobacco Vanilla and Sandalwood lemongrass
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    Hello from Orlando

    Hey there! New member, been interested in soap making for a while but just joined the forum after lurking for a long time. I enjoy the community here, and the sharing. In my other worlds, I am a face and body painter, have been a magician, own a small publishing company, run a kettle...