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  1. penelopejane

    Lard vs. Soy Wax

    So very sad, Dawni. Does the soy wax one smell like rancid oils now?
  2. penelopejane

    Single EO scent (fading) test

    The problem I have with my recipes being high olive oil is that the longer they air dry (not in plastic containers) the harder they get. So I want to cure them for ages but that just doesn’t work for EOs. I’ve also seen/smelt lots of soap in shops which have no scent left at all. You’ve...
  3. penelopejane

    Other organic colorants

    Coffee gives varying degrees if brown and coffee grinds add an exfoliant and an artistic textural element as well. You can experiment with instant coffee in the water or in the batter and used and unused grinds in the batter if you like brown soap. You need to find the right combination so it...
  4. penelopejane

    Single EO scent (fading) test

    By storing the soap in a plastic container you are extending the life of the scent. If you sell soap it won’t be stored in a plastic container. Might be a good idea, if you do it again with a regular recipe, to have a control soap for each scent that is stored on a shelf rather than in a plastic...
  5. penelopejane

    Other organic colorants

    Spirulina fades to cream but it still retains enough zing to cause a crazy skin reaction in me and I imagine I’m not the only one in the world who is effected. I get extremely itchy wherever the soap or suds touch. I have to reshower with another soap and scrub my skin. It still itches for a...
  6. penelopejane

    Tussah silk + master/batched lye

    For each recipe you make if you add your remaining water for the recipe to the MB lye solution it heats up again. If you soak your silk in the water then add the MB lye to it the silk should dissolve in that warmed solution (doesn't quite reach as hot as it originally was. if all else fails...
  7. penelopejane

    Questions, book recommendations, and more

    I thought I only needed mine in summer but we’ve had a week of heavy rain so needed it then too. I bought a $99 one and it works well in my laundry which is about 2m x3.6m. I got this one. I got mine on special but the prices might have gone up a bit too. You can compare the specs for one you...
  8. penelopejane

    Aloe Vera Juice - is adding a little effective?

    Make a solution of aloe Vera juice and use it to replace your water. To re-constitute 200:1 powdered aloe so that it is a single strength Aloe Liquid you need to add 0.5g of Aloe Powder to 99.5g of Water (0.5% to 99.5%). Or 5g Powder to 995g water. I use a jewlery scale to measure this...
  9. penelopejane

    Questions, book recommendations, and more

    A dehumidifier removes sweat from soap. I only need it on really humid days. Very effective and cheap solution. A fan didn’t work for me. Best soaping info is in this forum - read it. Check DeeAnna’s website. Watch soaping 101 videos on YouTube.
  10. penelopejane


    The “results” of US testing were not accurate as double blind testing wasn’t done. Most countries have a similar body to the FDA approving drugs. Ours is the TGA. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/16/recovery-trial-for-covid-19-treatments-what-we-know-so-far
  11. penelopejane

    Curing rack ideas

    Get DH to add more shelves and stand your soaps on edge. They’ll cure more evenly and you’ll have loads more space.
  12. penelopejane


  13. penelopejane

    Humidity levels??

    I read the other thread and agree with Irish Lass that it’s probably the oil you are using. I buy most of my oils from reliable soap supply places that have a large turnover. I had trouble once with jojoba oil which I had only just bought, it was well within date but caused rancidity in every...
  14. penelopejane

    Zany's no slime castile

    I know what you are saying about the US OO but cmzaha is a very experienced soaper and would know the cause of the DOS. She is not alone with having problems with this recipe. Unfortunately, I know Australia’s (including me) who have not had success with this recipe. Real sea water works fine...
  15. penelopejane

    Humidity levels??

    How old are your oil? smell each of your oils and assess whether they have gone rancid. You’ll know if they have. I use ROE - rosemary oleoresin extract at 0.5% as soon as I get my oils to keep them from going off. where are your oils kept? Out of the sun/light? where are your soaps cured...
  16. penelopejane

    Soap turning soft when used.

    You might think about dropping your castor oil to 5%. Above that it can lead to sticky soap. I use a really low SF below 5% so you might think about experimenting with that too.
  17. penelopejane

    Craft sales THIS year

    If you have covid antibodies it means you’ve had the disease at sometime doesn’t it? So sorry to hear you have pneumonia - it can take ages to clear up. Lucky it is summer for you.
  18. penelopejane

    Too much essential oils added - top came off! Can I rebatch and how?

    Like DeeAnna I’m really surprised that 16oz of EO mixed into 37 oz of oils. If it has made Soap I’d use it to scent the house for a while and see how it goes. EOs fade in soap quite quickly.
  19. penelopejane


  20. penelopejane

    Prickly Pear color in soap

    Like just about all botanicals it will turn brown in soap. It might start off green for a week or two but from YouTube videos it looks like some are brown from the beginning. Don’t be fooled by the bright green ones you see on the net - they are coloured (with mica) as are the pink ones (pink...